Wednesday 26 September 2018

Why I Don't Agree With My Sons Homework!

James is almost 9 and in September moved into Year 4 at school. However he has been receiving homework since he first started school a few weeks into his Reception year.

To begin with the homework tasks weren't too bad, however we definitely struggled to encourage James to do any tasks after school. As I am sure most parents of school age children will know, when children start school they come home extremely tired! Trying to then ask them to sit down and do more "work" is futile to say the least.

He did however enjoy the reading set for him each day and I have to add I am totally on board with the reading at home. Sharing a story with your child takes no time at all and should be enjoyable for everyone rather than a "homework task".

James loved to read however as he moved up school years the homework tasks set increased and became more time consuming. This had an impact on our reading time for sure, it meant we couldn't just enjoy a book together we had other tasks to get done before after the book, which meant we couldn't spend as long reading together as we would have.

Moving on to now and my son being in Year 4 the homework just seems crazy to me. He has a homework grid with 9 tasks on and is expected to complete at least one a week. These aren't quick tasks either, these are things such as creating a power point presentation or written fact file on things such as caring for a pet or Claud Monet! Making your own animal habitat or bug hotel and creating a leaflet on a chosen subject (list given). This is alongside his weekly spelling sheet, a maths grid he must complete and reading every day.

I just can't fathom how this is really helping him! He comes home from school after working hard from 8.45 until 3.15 to then be asked to sit down and do some more. He gets frustrated and so do I which usually results in upset and I have to question is this all really worth it? Do children really take in the information and knowledge they learn from homework or do they just do it because they have to?

James also does several clubs outside of school which I appreciate are our choice, but I feel like these clubs are the hobbies and interests he loves. When he works so hard at school I really don't feel that he should give these up to do more school work. He swims three times a week as well as attending a cub scout group once a week. Both clubs give him skills he wouldn't and couldn't learn in school, they make him happy and provide him with a space to express the things he love. Which in my opinion make them just as important as any other work he might do.

Im not saying that sending some helpful worksheets home doesn't have its place in the school system for children to use a look at when they feel necessary, and I definitely agree that children should be reading as much as possible at home. But I personally feel that the sheer amount of homework set for some children in schools now is ridiculous. It puts to much pressure on children and parents and takes away the opportunity for our children to spend time doing things they love, learning new skills and experiencing new adventures that they wouldn't get through school.

I understand that sending some work home has its place in the school system and the pressure that teachers must feel to meet guidelines and criteria. However I would love to see this as more guidance and help for parents and pupils rather than set tasks and deadlines that only cause more stress for everyone involved if it isn't understood.

I would like to add that James does complete his homework because he is too worried about the repercussions of not doing it. Im not ashamed to admit that I offer lots of help and advice when he does his homework. I feel that leaving him to stress and worry about it is unnecessary and unhelpful to anyone. I mean he was once given homework to complete on a topic they hadn't even covered in school yet, how can that be helpful at all!?

Can't we give our kids a bit of a break, a chance to express themselves in ways other than homework that means they aren't sat at a desk or table at home as well as all day at school?

Do your children get lots of homework? How do you find fitting it all into your day?



  1. It's such an interesting debate and one I can see from both sides. Parents want their children to have fun at home, whilst teachers are being pressured to 'get results' which means ensuring children are making as much progress as possible. Homework isn't necessarily for every child in every school, but in some areas parents do need the support and guidance to help their children's education at home. Not every child's home life is filled with after-school clubs, parents who engage with them to support their development and going on days out all the time. There certainly needs to be more of a balance I think :)

  2. My older children have left school and Pickle has just gone into Year 1. He only has a reading book at the moment, I am dreading homework! Kaz

  3. I remember getting quite a lot of homework when I was at school but I never really resented it as I loved learning, it must be tough now as there's so much pressure on kids to perform well x

  4. I completely agree I worked as sa social worker for I years and saw children getting so ill from school We do not keep those hours. They have no time for hobbies or down time and as adults we talk of self care and me time this generation will become very sick in my opinion. I think it is poor time management in schools, I observed many in my capacity as a social worker.
    I am so glad we Home Ed

  5. I remember having lots of homework in school and it always felt like a chore rather than an opportunity to study and learn :) x

  6. I was shocked when my daughter started school at how much homework they get now right from the start. She's 15 now so it's only increased. It's something I can see both sides of, kids need their down time to relax or do hobbies but the homework does help them too.

  7. I remember thinking I always had too much homework as a child and not really feeling like I ever got that much from it x

  8. At my children's old school they had so much homework, luckily it changed when we moved school. I think it starts when they're too young.