Wednesday 5 September 2018

Its Official... My Baby Is Starting School.

I've held of writing this post for one simple reason, writing it down makes it official... my baby is off to school!

I can't quite believe that the time has come for Evelyn to start school, its cliché I know but it really does only feel like last month I was wiping away both our tears as she started at her first day of nursery. Yet I seem to have blinked and we were saying goodbye to nursery ready to embark on this new chapter... school.

I have struggled with the decision about Evelyn starting school since the applications first opened. She has struggled with her eye sight for some time now and despite having glasses she still struggles with lots such as recognising letters and numbers etc. Things like writing her name or following the dots she just can't do as she can't see the dots and then gets so frustrated. Her hypermobility leaves her clumsy and achy and the two combined means she gets tired super quickly. Its so hard to make the right choice but we felt like school was the right choice for her as she loves the social aspect of pre-school already and gets easily bored at home.

We had our home visit yesterday and I felt like I blurted out all my worries in one 30 minute meeting! However the teacher was very reassuring and Evelyn seemed to really like both her and the TA who came along which was a relief (when they left she jumped up and hugged them both!).

Its kind of crazy though isn't it how for 4 years she has been all mine, I have helped her, taught her and guided her through all the things she has learnt so far and now I have to hand over the reigns. Of course I know she will come home to me every day covered in glue and full or stories but I feel so sad that now someone else gets to be such a big integral part of her life and to teach her new things.

I am sad that my baby is growing up and ready to leave me and don't get me started on how I feel about her going on school trips and days out with school with out me! But I know that its time for her to grow, to spread her wings a little further than the confines of our home. Evelyn is so excited to be going to school just like her big brother and to make new friends I just know after perhaps some wobbly first days she is going to love it!

So tomorrow as I head to the school gates with both my babies in their school uniform for the very first time I am going to grip their hands a little tighter and wish them a good day. I am going to stand a little longer as they walk through those big school doors knowing that today is the beginning of a new adventure. No more babies at home but instead two beautiful, bright and funny school children (who will always be my babies really).

And as I let go of Evelyn's hand for the very first time that morning I am going to hold back the tears (well until I get the car anyway) and count down the minutes until I get pick her up and hear all about the first day of her brand new adventure!

Are your children heading back or starting school this week?


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