Saturday 8 September 2018

Kiss and Bake Up - Chocolate Brownies **REVIEW**

I have two words for you..... Chocolate Brownies!

Ok so now I have your attention let me talk to you about some of the most delicious brownies I have tasted. These gooey chocolate square pieces of heaven are the work of Emma from Kiss and Bake Up and they are absolutely amazing!

These brownies are available in nine different flavours so you are sure to find a flavour the whole family will enjoy, the flavours currently available are -

- Original
- Cherry
- Salted Caramel
- Peanut Butter
- Oreo
- Malteser
- Orange
- Mint
- Turkish Delight

We tried the original, orange, salted caramel and Malteser and each one was absolutely delicious! Moist and decadent with a rich chocolate flavour and your can really taste the added flavours in the brownies which have them such as the orange. It was a tough choice but I think my favourite has so be the Malteser! It tasted so good and had whole Maltesers hidden inside as well as being topped with a generous coating of crushed Maltesers too.

The salted caramel definitely came a very close second with everyone in our house though. A delicious rich chocolate brownie that is swirled with generous helping of oozing salted caramel just has to be a winner right!? It added a lovely slightly salty taste to the rich brownies and the amount of caramel in each brownie was really generous.

Each brownie flavour comes in a tray (20cm x 20cm) that can be cut into approximately 16 (5xm x 5cm) squares and is priced at £20.00 per tray. Brownies should be eaten within five days of receiving them although if you do want to save some (you might struggle not to eat them all in one go!) then you can freeze these brownies too! Postage is FREE on all orders and is sent via Royal Mail first class. Even better is that is you are really craving brownies, as long as you order before 1pm your brownies will be baked the very next day and delivered the day after that. This means you could receive your brownies just 2 days after ordering. All brownies are baked fresh to order to ensure you receive a fresh great quality product every time.

Our brownies travelled really well and were well packaged including labels on each flavour indicating the flavour, ingredients and a use by date. I think these delicious brownies would make a great gift for someone special or even as a special treat for you and your family, there is certainly a flavour for everyone!.

Which flavour would you like to try first?


**We received some brownies for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**

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  1. Oh wow! I love the look of these. I like the sound of all the flavours x