Monday 22 October 2018

L.O.L Surprise Pop Up Store - 3 in 1 Playset **REVIEW**


Evelyn has been collecting L.O.L Surprise dolls for around a year now and has quite a collection. They are easily her most favourite toy she currently has and she spent her entire birthday money on new ones! That means we have quite the collection now....

But nowhere to store them... until now!

The L.O.L Surprise pop up store playset is the perfect solution for storing, displaying and playing with your L.O.L Surprise dolls all in one. The pop up store is a 3 in 1 playset which can be used as a stand to display your dolls, a carry case to store your dolls and accessories or as a playset with several different play area's within the set.

Evelyn had been storing all of her dolls in one of the big surprise shells, but this means she can't easily see or get to her dolls without having to empty them all out on to the floor. Those who have seen L.O.L Surprise dolls will understand how unpractical this is with all the tiny bits and accessories they come with!

The pop up store has a main compartment where she can store some dolls (when we want to take them out with us to a friends house etc) and lots of draws and space to safely store accessories, clothes and shoes etc.

You can also use the L.O.L Surprise pop up store as a stand which was the main draw for me to this product. It pulls out to four descending steps in total which can hold over 50 dolls! There are small indents evenly spaced throughout the steps on the stand, which allow you to place your dolls feet inside. This means they are not only safely kept on the stand but it stops them from falling off if knocked or nudged.

The stand is a great way to store and show off a collection and Evelyn absolutely loves having her dolls finally on display in her bedroom rather than stuck in a container.

Finally the L.O.L Surprise pop up store can also be used as a fun playset. This has been the biggest hit with Evelyn who loves the different play compartments within the set. There is a boutique, a hairdressers and even a café after your dolls can grab a bite to eat after all that shopping!

The different area's are split into compartments and each compartments has bright, colourful and typically L.O.L Surprise design stickers to create each area.

Of course it wouldn't be L.O.L Surprise without a secret hidden surprise and this playset definitely doesn't disappoint! Hiding in the draws within the playset Evelyn was absolutely ecstatic to discover an exclusive doll, Insta Gold!

The doll is exclusive to this playset and Evelyn adores her. She has an all over gold shimmer and comes complete with a full gold and rose gold outfit, shoes and water bottle. I thought it was a lovely touch that the doll only comes in the playset and she certainly looks very special. She has taken pride of place on our pop up store (according to Evelyn she is now the Queen!).

I had worried that the set would feel flimsy since it can transform into several different ways to play, however that really is not the case. The set feels well made and sturdy, even with all of her dolls on top. The pink and bronze glitter throughout the stand give it that classic L.O.L Surprise feel. Evelyn loves it so it gets a big thumbs up from us (especially from me as I no longer have to scoop tiny shoes, dummies and dolls off my living room floor!).

Its all the little touches that you find as you play and discover with this set that really give it that extra special touch. Things such as the larger draws on the set which can transform into little beds/bedrooms for the dolls and all of the details in the stickers.

The L.O.L surprise pop up store playset is priced at £39.99 which I thought was a great price especially when you consider this is a 3 in 1 toy and it comes with a all new exclusive doll (with dolls alone costing between £11 and £15). It is available from Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos and all other good toy retailers.

Do your kids collect the L.O.L Surprise dolls?


**We received the L.O.L Surprise pop up store for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. **

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