Tuesday 23 October 2018

Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre **REVIEW**


If you have children Peppa Pig is probably somewhat of a household name in your home. That's certainly the case for us!

James used to love watching Peppa Pig and now he is a little older Evelyn has definitely taken over his love for the adorable pink pig. She loves watching Peppa and her family on the TV and has several play sets which she loves to play with. So when we were recently offered the chance to try out the Peppa Pig mobile medical centre playset I knew she would love it before it even arrived.

The set consists on a mobile medical centre truck which can either form a truck or split like the picture above to form the mobile medical centre and a waiting room for all the patients to sit and wait. The set also comes with two instantly recognisable characters, Peppa Pig and Dr Brown Bear.

Evelyn was very excited to discover the set also comes with its very first patient, teddy who has a bandage on his leg and its perfectly on the hospital bed ready to be made better.

As mentioned above the mobile medical centre can be played with in two modes. Either as a van with the yellow section used as the roof of the van, which is also perfect for keeping everything safe inside the medical centre when not is use too! Or the yellow section can be used as a waiting area, complete with seats and a height chart for your patients.

The yellow section was easy to clip and unclip onto the van and Evelyn who is 4 was able to do this with very little help. We loved that there was two options for play and Evelyn loved pushing the toy around before setting up her doctors surgery wherever she felt was needed. She set up different Peppa Pig characters around our living room and drove to them all making them all better.

I often find with toys aimed at younger children little details are missing but that's not the case with this set. The little details really make this set even more fun from the X-ray machine and all of the sticker details they didn't go unnoticed by Evelyn who has had so much fun using the playset.

The sides of the van can either be folded up for use as a push along van or opened up to become a medical centre. These can be a little stiff and tricky to fold up and down or younger ones so they may require some help with this.

We already have several Peppa Pig play figures and characters from previous sets and found these worked well with this set too. That's part of the charm of this set for me is that whilst it is Peppa Pig children can also incorporate other toys and characters into the set (Dr Brown Bear was preforming surgery on some L.O.L Surprise dolls yesterday!). There is also space for both Dr Brown Bear and Peppa to sit in the front of the truck and drive it around (other Peppa Pig characters also fit in here too).

One thing I did love is that this toy doesn't require any batteries, meaning no disappointment when the batteries give up and it can be played with over and over without any worries. The playset is great for encouraging role play and imaginative play with so many play options the possibilities really are endless when it comes to play.

Aside from the teddy character and first aid box the set doesn't really contain any small parts and so whilst the set is aimed at children aged 3+ it could easily be used by slightly younger children under supervision too. The set feels really sturdy and Evelyn has been pushing it around clipping and unclipping the roof and sides and the set has held up really well.

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house, the mobile medical centre is sure to be a hit!

The Peppa Pig mobile medical centre is aimed at children aged 3-5 and is priced at £29.99. It is part of the "When I grow up" collection from Character Online.

Do you have any Peppa Pig fans in your house who would love this set?


** This is a collaborative post, we received the Peppa Pig mobile medical centre for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. **

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