Wednesday 23 January 2019

Living Arrows - 3/52 (2019)

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

As we are now well into January, school runs and busy schedules and Christmas seems like a distant memory we are really enjoying our chilled out weekends. This year we are determined to get outdoors more, spend more time together and just live for the moment more. We have even books a 7 night!!!! camping trip for in the summer holidays and will be the longest we have ever camped for. The kids are super excited as you can imagine.

Anyway this week we visited another park, this time one that is part of a small, free to visit farm which the kids loved. It was super muddy which of course the kids loved and we got to see some teeny tiny piglets that were only two days old and feed a whole field of sheep.

This weeks pictures were taken during our time there.

I know that as the year goes on things will get so much more crazy and busy so we are enjoying our quiet visits to the park and spending time as a family before work, clubs or life gets in the way! The kids have been disappointed that there is no snow here in Bristol though, I on the other hand have not been so disappointed!

Do you have anything exciting planned for this weekend?


Living Arrows


  1. I share your sentiments about the snow, although it's been very icy near me! I hope you have good weather for your camping trip :)

  2. It's great you are pushing to get outside more. The camping should be good fun and a great length of time too.

  3. It's good that you are getting some outdoor time even though it's winter.

  4. I am the same as you - knowing that things will only get busier. We have a couple of quiet weekends coming up and I am so looking forward to them! x

  5. You can't beat a good trip to the park! What great shots of the kids! #LivingArrows

  6. It's good to have less busy periods too! January is good for that.

  7. What lovely photos! I am secretly hoping for a snow day :)

  8. It looks like they were having a great time! We really need to get out more - we've mostly been hibernating this month! #LivingArrows