Sunday 3 February 2019

How to Protect Your Furniture from Children

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To you, your children are everything; wonderful bundles of joy that light up the room with fun and laughter. To the sofa, your children are sneaky geniuses capable of finding the most cunning and devastating ways to destroy it. 
It’s true that kids will be hard on the furniture. Accidents are bound to happen and there’s no way you’ll ever be 100% safe, but there are a few ways to protect your beloved furniture from your precious troublemakers.   

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Choose Wisely
Choosing the right material, colourway and style of furniture is a great start to keeping things clean. When it comes to selecting materials, leather (real or faux) is the best way to go. It’s easy to wipe clean, very durable and you can find any number of leather-based styles to suit your home.

When it comes to colours, maybe think twice before investing in that beautiful cream settee and go for a darker option instead. Naturally, darker colours hide stains well, and you’ll easily be able to find something tasteful that suits in a darker shade.

The other option is adding to your home with easy-to-clean furniture that isn’t too material heavy. For example, low stools, like the ones from Cox & Cox, come in a variety of leather or wooden styles and look elegant in any home.

Light or dark, the fabric furniture in your home will benefit from a layer of fabric protecting spray. This will help repel any incoming dirt or spills and make it easier to clean as well. Scotchgard or a Nano-spray should do the trick.
You can also investigate sofa covers, which will protect the base material from staining and physical damage. You’ll have to find one that suits, and perhaps use it in an on-and-off system as the cover will face the same potential cleanliness issues.
Do you protect the protection and spray the sofa cover as well? That’s up to you.

Be Ready
As mentioned before, there’s no way you’ll ever be fully safe, so it’s worth anticipating the problem as best you can.
Have a good cleaning product ready to go for as soon as the apple juice hits the cushion. The sooner you get to it the better.
Another option is to try and promote good cleanliness-based habits for the kids. For example, if you can get them to wash their hands after every meal or take off their shoes after they’ve come in from playing outside, you’re not only keeping the table and chairs safe but teaching the children good practices as well. A potential double-whammy.

Who knows, maybe the sofa and the kids can get along after all?

Do you have any top tips to share? 

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  1. I'd love to say that my children are cleaner and tidier now they are 10 and 12 - but they are definitely not. In fact, they are disgusting human beings ...They have a games room with a round cuddle sofa in it - it means that both chilren can be sitting on it, while one plays the Xbox in one direction and the other the PS4 on a different wall. We lost the remote control to turn off one of the TVs and I made the fatal mistake of putting my hand down the back of the cushion (this is where I'd insert the green face emoji if I could!) It makes me ill just thinking about it. The chair is leather, and it's now totally sterilised!

  2. Great tips here! We have a new couch coming so this is really useful!

  3. We have a black couch that still somehow manages to get grimy with kids and a cat!

  4. Protecting furniture from kids is nigh in impossible - we did get our sofa treated when we bought it though which has been a godsend