Saturday 2 February 2019

Keep one step ahead - best gardening decor ideas for spring 2019.

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Spring is on the way, and that means one thing especially for families: various members of the household will want to get out into the garden again to enjoy the warmer weather, top up their tans and breath in the fresh air! Of course, the garden could start feeling rather crowded as a result if you have a smaller space (or lots of family!), so it would pay to prepare that outdoor space in advance of spring.
This shouldn't be just a case of tidying up a few loose twigs; it's also a great opportunity to redesign your garden to make it more family-friendly. Here are some ways to enact that transformation.

Extend the minimalist aesthetic to your garden 

The mantra that "less is more" has probably been taken on wholeheartedly by many people who can vouch for the stress-relieving benefits of a minimalist space.
In looking around your garden, you might spot some features serving little ecological purpose. If you have an outdoor swimming pool, you and the kids might not appreciate leaves dropping into it from an overhanging tree. Meanwhile, for new physical elements, choose damage-resistant stones.

Add exciting twists to familiar garden structures

Returning to the subject of the pool, you might currently have swimming pool equipment boxes randomly scattered nearby - in which case, why not make a pool house to store them? You could make a rustic structure from salvaged materials like rough barn wood and antique iron gates.

If you have a few surplus materials lying around, see if you could use them to make a smaller version of a local landmark. Imagine the genius of placing a mini Angel of the North in a Tyneside garden...

Create some secluded places to encourage relaxation

This can work well if your garden is particularly large and you know that some family members would appreciate the outdoor elements, but still in privacy.

The Garden Design website lists a few tips for creating a small retreat within a garden. The advice here includes providing sufficient seating for just two people, adding a simple water feature and cultivating privacy - quite literally - by encircling the space with some lush plants.

Making a good entrance - for your home

From your front garden, you can get a good view of your house - but what if its appearance doesn't quite inspire confidence in you? It probably wouldn't inspire confidence in visitors, either - like your children's friends who are invited around to play. You don't want to leave a bad impression on them.

If you indeed actually have a Tyneside garden, a local firm like Findley Roofing & Building could provide Newcastle roof repair services to restore the condition of a roof you see from that space.

Ask your kids for their feedback!

Does your garden look... well, a little too much like every other garden on the street? If you allow a small child to run riot in your garden, they might be able to spot how you could beautify that garden in an off-kilter way - for example, by adding sticks and leaves in the right places. You could be pleasantly surprised how well this advice works.

(Photo credit belongs to Eva from Captain Bobcat)
I have to admit I can't wait for the sun to start shining and we can get outside again and enjoy the garden!

Do you have any top gardening tips?


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  1. I keep meaning to buy some new hanging baskets! Ours are very dead now. We planted roses last year so they look lovely when they are in bloom up the garden path.

  2. My grandpa was the green fingered one in my family - I am hopeless!!

  3. I need to do some serious weeding but our garden isn't too bad at the moment. I've bought a few more plants and will get them into the ground soon!

  4. Aww i love these ideas, I wish I had a garden as gardening and nature is so therapeutic and good for us! I like the idea of a good entrance - very important I think!