Saturday 2 February 2019

How to Get the Kids Involved with Decorating

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A family can transform a house into a home. It seems only right, therefore, that they should get a say in how we choose to decorate it. 

Ok, you may not want to fully adopt their suggestions. You can still make them feel like part of the process, however. 

So, why not invite them into the project? You can manage how exactly they help – and so, you’ll be able to avoid mess – and tantrums.


Here’s how to achieve this.

Give Them Their Own Design Space 

You may not want to take all the kids’ ideas on board. But you can still show them that you respect their opinions. 

In allowing them to design their own space - such as their bedroom or the play room – you could help them to feel more grown up, as well. As a result, their self-esteem may very well increase. 

Through specialists like Swift Direct Blinds, you can introduce them to splendid designs at affordable prices. As a result, you’ll be able to teach them the value of wise spending, too. 

Design Together 

Many people say that design is the best aspect of decorating. However, you choose to look at it, it’s certainly a creative task. 

And that’s more reason to include the kids in it. Together, you can explore different colours, patterns and fabrics for the area that you will be redecorating. With more opinions on board, you’ll be more likely to achieve the effect you want with your redesign

Not only will this provide fun days out to DIY and furniture stores, but you can also enable your kids’ artistic side to grow. 

It may also mean that your home becomes more reflective of you as a family. And so, it could bring you all closer together. 

Paint with Them 

In addition to design, your kids may want to be involved in painting any walls. And who could blame them? 

For adults, it can be therapeutic – for kids, it’s often exciting! With this in mind, why not designate a section for just them to paint? 

That way, you can dictate where their paintbrush goes (and avoid any stains on the carpet) and they can feel like an even bigger part of the project. 

Once it’s painted, they’ll be able to proudly declare to guests that they were partly responsible for the final result. This could further improve their self-belief. 

In addition, it provides an activity that the whole family can enjoy together. And isn’t home all about family?

Decorating with the kids needn’t be a stressful task. In fact, with these tips, you can make sure that it remains a meaningful, mess-free project throughout. 

Do you have any top tips to share when it comes to decorating the family home with kids?


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  1. Oh goodness, I would not be letting mine loose with the paint - done that once before - NEVER again!!

  2. I'm hoping to get my son involved in painting our banister soon. I think it can be fun getting kids involved in decorating and they learn new skills

  3. Mine love a good bit of wallpaper stripping. Have you read Creative Family Home it is such a beautiful book Sebastian went through it to pick out ideas for the playroom

  4. I must confess that I've never encouraged my children to get involved with the decorating. Adding accessories, yes, but painting... I'm too much of a control freak for that

  5. These are great ideas, I always like to try and include my son when we are doing things to the house

  6. My eldest was actually a great help when we painted the bathroom! It's fun for them too.

  7. Great advice although there is no way I would be letting my youngest three loose on my decorating. They can;'t be trusted with a paint brush, hahah!

  8. We painted our outdoor furniture last year and my son helped us in painting! He had a brilliant experience.