Saturday 2 February 2019

Snow Day 2019!

After days of the weather man insisting snow would fall and pushing back the date in which it would happen, yesterday we woke up to a blanket of snow covering everything we could see! When I went to bed Thursday evening there was barely any snow at all except for a few small flakes falling. However by 7am we awoke to a flurry of snow and two very excited kids.

As if the snow wasn't enough excitement imagine their cheers when I announced school was also closed! Unfortunately their dad still had to go in to work and thankfully the main roads were pretty clear so he could take a slow and careful drive in to work. Of course the kids were desperate to get out in the snow, so when a good friend text super early and asked if we wanted to join them in some sledging we couldn't say no.

We decided to head out super early so we could enjoy the snow in all its glory before it got enjoyed by everybody else. Stepping out of the door was like a winter wonderland, every tree, hedge and surface covered a heavy dusting of fluffy, glistening and untouched white snow. Well until the kids got hold of it of course and started a snowball fight!

They had so much fun in the snow with their friends, I think James may have spent more time laying in it though than on his feet. Through his own choice of course, although that did mean we got some pretty impressive snow angels from him.

Evelyn enjoyed the snow... for about 10 minutes. Then she realised that actually snow was pretty cold, especially when your hands are soaking wet from picking up the snow. It didn't help that she then refused to do anything other than stand holding my hand as the boys were keeping warm running around and heading up the hill to sledge from. She did start to enjoy it though on our walk home and after warming up inside for a few hours after all the fun she helped me and James build a snowman in the back garden.

Here are some pictures of our super fun snow day...

Did you have any snow where you are? Are you or the kids fans of the snow or do you prefer staying snuggly warm indoors?



  1. We had a little snow! Not enough for school to be closed, but enough to make the journeys there sms ball pretty exciting :)

  2. We had quite a bit of snow on Friday and I ended up working from home which was so nice to be more relaxed and not worry about trying to battle through the snow x

  3. Aw I am loving your out doors snow day. we have just come back from a snowy hike - just lovely xx

  4. Gosh you had quite a lot of snow, my kids would have been in their element. We only had a smattering btu they still had fun playing with it. Mich x

  5. Oh, wow! You had loads of snow! We just had the odd little flurry here so no snow days for us :(

    Louise x

  6. That sure is a lot of snow and it looks like you all had a fun time playing in it.

  7. Ahhh, it's lovely that you were all able to get out into the snow - looks like you had a very good amount too x