Saturday 9 March 2019

National Geographic STEM Dig Kits **REVIEW**

**AD - Gifted**

A few weeks back I was delighted to find out that along with James we had been chosen to become Bandai STEM Ambassadors. This means over the coming months we will get to share with you lots of great STEM toys and activities perfect for kids! The first product we get to share with you is these - National Geographic Real Bug Dig Kit and the Dino Fossil Dig Kit, James couldn't wait to get stuck in! 

With the help of these fantastic dig kits you can journey into the prehistoric era and uncover genuine dinosaur fossils with the Dino Dig Kit. Or if creepy-crawlies and bugs are more your thing, learn all about bugs and insects and excavate three real bug specimens from the Bug Dig Kit. 

James chose to try out the Dino Fossil Dig Kit first and couldn't wait to find and discover some real genuine Dinosaur fossils. The box includes everything you need including your brick containing three fossils, tools (brush and tool to dig) as well as a magnifying glass so you can look at your found fossils in even more detail. Inside the box we also found some handy instructions and a booklet with a lots more information about the things we were about to find inside our Dino Fossil dig brick. 

It took James about 30 minutes of careful digging and brushing to excavate his fossils and he seemed to have lots of fun doing so. He was absolutely fascinated by the fossils, the tooth in particular and took great care in getting each one out, brushing it off and carefully washing it. He then spent ages looking at each one under the magnifying glass, even taking them into school the following day to show his class. 

Inside the brick was a Dinosaur bone, Mosasaur tooth and fossilised Dinosaur poo! Here are James' finds - 

Next we tried the Real Bug Dig Kit from National Geographic and its very similar to the Dino Kit above and just as much fun! 

Inside the Bug Dig Kit you will again find everything you need to excavate three genuine creepy crawlies, this time however the bugs are encased in a small bead of acrylic since they are so small and delicate. This helps them stay safe and pristine through the excavating and digging process when you are trying to find them! 

James really liked having the booklet that came with the Bug kit as it was packed full of information about the specimens he had uncovered including what they are, where they came from and how they lived. It was a great mix of information and images which is perfect for kids to read. 

Here are the specimens James found in his Bug Dig Kit - 

It is worth noting that both the Dino and Bug kits get very dusty and so its worth finding a tray, plate or doing these on a table as the dust and bits of plaster from the block does get everywhere (although it does easily wash out of clothes etc!). 

James had so much fun with both of these kits, he spent ages excavating his fossils and specimens and has investigated and showed them off ever since. The kits are suitable for ages 8+, The National Geographic™ Kits are priced at £9.99 and National Geographic™ Mini Kits are priced at £4.99. Both are available at many retailers including Argos and online via Amazon. You can visit www.bandai.co.uk for further information.

Which of these dig kits do you think your kids would enjoy the most? 


** We received these dig kits for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post. I will be partnering with Bandai as an ambassador over the next 6 months.**


  1. These look like so much fun for kids! I know I would have loved one of the dino ones when I was his age!

  2. These look great! My niece is older enough for these and I think she would love it.

  3. These dig kits sound like good fun. my son would love two you had he loves dinosaurs and bugs.

  4. I was going to ask about the dust ... we had a digging kit (not as good as this one) and the dust went EVERYWHERE

  5. I love the Dig Kits. They look nice.

  6. Sebastian is dinosaur and fossil mad so he would love a set like this

  7. I love the look of these and they're very reasonably priced I hope my son gets into this sort of thing when he's a little older!

  8. Oh this looks like fun! My son is really into this kind of thing!