Tuesday 23 April 2019

5 Ways We Can Make A Difference To Our Environment.

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Our environment is changing, every day we hear about something bad happening and how our planet is suffering from choices we have made. But if we all made small changes, better choices and simple swaps can you imagine the impact that would have on our planet?

It often feels like these small changes we can make won't really make much difference but that's definitely not true, the more people who can get on board to making small changes and better choices the more we can help!

Here are 5 ways we can make a positive difference to the environment.


With more and more companies and brands getting on board with making their products recyclable, recycling couldn't be easier. Nowadays you can even recycle old iPads, smartphones, laptops, and other electronics without leaving the house using online recycling sites so there really is no excuse not to be recycling at home. Or if you have larger amounts of rubbish to get rid of you could use a waste removal company such as KiwkSweep who use efficient and environmentally friendly method to remove waste. 

Most people now have various bins and tubs provided by the local council to enable them to recycle pretty easily. I have also noticed more and more large stores and shopping centre having large recycling areas too, making even those tricky materials recyclable now whilst you do your weekly shop or pop out for a browse. You could even just pop a small box or bag in the boot of your car and keep any tricky to recycle items in there and then pop them in a recycle box when you spot one out and about.

Making small changes like switching to recyclable products like bamboo toothbrushes over plastic and buying fruit/veg loose rather than in plastic can but down on waste too.

Ethical Investments

Have you ever considered investing money? How about ethical investing? We all want to save for our future and for the future of our families but when you consider investing your money do you really know where it is going? 

Wealthify has joined forces with best-in-class ethical fund providers to create a range of five Ethical Plans that let you invest in organisations committed to having a positive impact on society and the environment.

Ethical investing allows you to think about and decide which activities you want to avoid investing in, allowing you to tailor your investments. The word "Ethical" can mean many things to different people and that's why its great that with this kind of investing your can tailor a plan to suit you. Ethical investing isn’t just about screening out organisations, it’s also about supporting companies that do good and those committed to improving their ethics. 

As well as screening out unethical activities they also actively seek out organisations that are making a change, organisations that are actively trying to have a positive effect on the enviroment and society. They look at a large range of things like how much waste they produce, how well they treat their staff, and how transparent they are with their stakeholders and shareholders.

If you’re interested in investing ethically, consider doing it in a tax-efficient way. It’s not always well-known, but you can invest responsibly with a Stocks & Shares ISA. If you opt for this route, you won’t pay tax on any earnings you receive, so you get to keep more of your returns whilst doing your bit for the future and the environment. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning ahead can make all the difference, not only does it save time but it can save on waste too.

Plan your meals for the week and create a shopping list. This will help cut down on food waste and save you buying unnecessary items, saving money in the long run too. Or if you are planning on a day out take a picnic with you and remove all of your packaging and recycle it at home. This way you aren't taking any extra plastics with you that could end up at landfill as you can recycle them at home.


I hold my hands up and admit I drive my car way too much! But do we really know just how much of an impact our cars have on the environment? It was definitely an eye opener for me, especially as our car is fairly old and older cars and their emissions are some of the worst culprits. 

This year I am trying to remember to leave the keys at home at pull on my trainers instead when I can. A trip to the park or a walk to a family members home  (obviously distance permitting) could easily be walked and I was surprised at just how much the kids have enjoyed walking and seeing what they could spot on the way.

If walking isn't your thing though how about investing in push bikes or scooters for the whole family, you may be surprised at just how much fun you have and how great it feels to beat the traffic sometimes! 

Donate Your Time

There are so many ways that you can help our environment that don't cost a penny, just as much or as little of your time that you can spare. With lots of events being planned all the time across the world, events such as big clean ups where you can go along and just help out for as much time as you can to clean up a certain area.

Or if events are not your thing why not just take a bag with you if you are planning a day out or a trip to the beach and pick up any rubbish you find? This can then be recycled on site if possible or taken home to recycle.

If we all do our little bit just imagine the changes that could happen!

Have you made any swaps or changes recently to help the environment?


** This is a collaborative post, I received a fee for this post and my time. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**

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