Tuesday 23 April 2019

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car.

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Our current car is coming up to almost 15 years old and whilst it has been pretty reliable in previous years, this last year it has become rather unreliable. I use the car a fair bit to take the kids to school and to get around so its really important that our car is reliable and safe. Since it broke down a month or so a go I have lost all faith in the car if I am honest and keep worrying about driving too far in case the same happens again!

So we have been on the look out for a new car, something a bit bigger (we currently have a Ford Focus) with a bit more boot space to accommodate for all the camping stuff we brought last year. After a lot of research we have decided our best option is going to be buying a used car, and not just because of the price difference!

Here are 5 benefits of buying a used car over a new car -


Of course one of the big factors when buying a car is the price and buying used means your are going to be paying much less. Its no big secret that a used car is going to be a fraction of the cost of a new car and if you shop around you can often find amazing deals.

When we brought our current car it had about 8,000 miles on the clock and was in almost pristine condition with just a few minor scratches that were barely noticeable. We paid a fraction of the cost of the car (less than a quarter!) of its "new" value and it felt almost new anyway.

Buying used also means you may be able to buy a car that you love but was previously out of your price range, meaning you may be able to go for something a little bigger, spacious or more powerful that you thought you could budget for. You can get your hands on second hand cars in Brighton from a credible dealer like KAP Motors. Or check out local dealerships in your area, ensuring you shop around to get the best deal. 

Security and Flaws

New cars are just that, brand new which means that any potential issues, flaws or recall problems may not have been detected yet. 

When buying a used car the majority of the time these issues have already been detected and resolved meaning a lot less stress and complications for you. 

Avoiding Finance & New Car Fees

When you buy a new car you are also faced with lots of fees including sales tax, vehicle registration fees etc. However these fees are either much less or non existent when buying a used car meaning dealers can offer a better price and you aren't hit with extra costs when you buy the car.

With the price being less when buying a used car it also means you may be able to avoid taking out a hefty finance plan, although if you do decide to take out a finance plan the lower cost will mean small payments over less time and less debt is always a good thing right!?

Less Depreciation 

It is no secret that new cars lose money almost as soon as your drive them off the forecourt! New cars actually lose around 40% of the value within the first 2 years of purchase.

Choosing a used car means that you don't have the stress and worry of depreciation on your car and it means then if you choose to then sell your car on again at a later date you wont be loosing anywhere near as much money, you may even be able to sell it on for around the same price as you brought it for if you take good care of your car.

More Choice 

Buying a used car gives you so much choice when buying a car. Buying new means you are limited to newer models and makes but buying a used car means you have years and years of makes, models and designs to choose from. Some cars ever get discontinued meaning you wouldn't be able to buy them new but can still find them second hand meaning you may still be able to get the car you were hoping for even if its no longer in production. 

Of course it is always worth doing your own research when thinking of buying a new car. Buying a new or used car is a big decision and it needs to be whatever is right for your family.

Are you looking to buy a new car any time soon?


** This is a collaborative post. I received a fee for this post and my time however all words and opinions are my own.**


  1. Both my mum and sister bought second hand cars in the last couple of years and it's such a great way to get a 'new to you' car for cheaper!

  2. my car is currently 19 years old. I only passed my driving test and for my first car it's perfect. Only had one previous owner and really looked after, so a great bargain!

  3. We bought a relatively new second hand car with my redundancy money. So much better value than purchasing a new car

  4. I do think price is the biggest reason why I'd buy second hand because you can get a good deal especially on cars which are still pretty new x

  5. I haven’t ever bought a brand new car, I hate the idea of being tied into finance of something so expensive! You can get some amazing cars so much cheaper when you buy second hand.

  6. Mellissa Williams27 April 2019 at 17:01

    These are definitely some great reasons for choosing a used car over a new one - I especially like your point about flaws already detected and rectified in used cars whereas they haven't been discovered (if there are any) in new cars.

  7. I'm currently looking for a new car and I think I'm going to go down the finance route but for a used car (we have no savings). I've never bought a new car and after speaking to many family members who happen to be mechanics I don't think I ever would buy a brand new car.

  8. I usually go for second hand cars due to the price, it makes such a difference