Monday 29 April 2019

Delicious Low Calorie Ice Cream From Grahams - The Family Dairy.

**Collaborative Post**

With summer just around the corner and the weather heating up, there isn't a much better way to cool down than with a cool and delicious ice cream! But if like me your trying to lose weight or are looking for a lower calorie alternative to the ice cream van offerings then Grahams - The Family Dairy may have just the thing for you.

Perfect for putting on top of a delicious waffle mixture or just eating on its own. The new range has lots of flavours to choose from and tastes amazing too! 

Last month Grahams released their new Goodness Ice Cream range. A deliciously indulgent high protein ice cream, lower in sugar, as well as a good source of fibre, all from only 310 calories per tub! It is available in a range of flavours including White Chocolate with Raspberry Ripple and Salted Caramel which are currently available in Lidl stores. The range has a variety of other delicious flavours including, Espresso Caramel, Mint Choc Chip and Chocolate Dulce de Leche too

The Goodness ice cream range is made from award winning Scottish milk and cream with each tub containing over 20g of protein! With its high protein content, low calories and delicious flavours this summer you won't have to feel like you are missing out even if you are watching what you eat! 

If ice-cream isn't your thing however, not a problem as Grahams - The Family Dairy has a fantastic range of award winning dairy products on offer in stores too. These include milk, butter, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, quark, Protein 22, Skyr and cheddar cheese as well as Graham’s Organic range and Graham’s Gold Jersey range and now Goodness Ice Cream.

I am already a huge fan on the Skyr yoghurts as I love the thick consistency and fruity flavours that are packed into every pot. They make a great addition to packed lunches or picnics and the larger tubs are perfect for keeping in the fridge to add a dollop of yoghurt on top of fruit or muesli for breakfast. 

Grahams Family Dairy Skyr is made using pure Scottish milk, live cultures and carefully sourced fruit. It is high in protein, fat-free and 30% less sugar than other flavoured yogurts. There are five flavours available,  Lemon, Natural, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango & Papaya and Victoria Plum.

Grahams - The Family Dairy also have a range of Quark and Cottage cheese which I had no idea about. Until joining slimming world I don't think I had ever tried Quark or Cottage cheese, however since joining last year I have realised just how versatile these products are and just how many delicious things can be made from them! Recipes such as these delicious chocolate brownies and this mini egg mousse all use Quark as an ingredient.

Grahams Quark range is available in both natural and vanilla flavours, it is low in fat, low in salt and high in protein. It is a spoonable soft cheese that performs like a yoghurt making it both delicious and versatile.

As I mentioned above there are so many products available from Grahams The Family Dairy from creamy ice cream right through to high protein milk and other products. You can see the full product range and find out more about how the Grahams Family Diary began via their website - www.grahamsfamilydairy.com.

Which Grahams Family Dairy low calorie ice cream flavour do you like the sound of the most?


**This is a collaborative post, I received a fee for this post and my time however all words and opinions are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Since going vegan last year I haven't really had much (dairy-free) ice cream but these look great for those looking for a lower calorie option.

  2. OK so now I am craving that salted caramel icecream! Quark is great for cooking isn't it? I love using it because you get all the creaminess and none of the calories

  3. I keep seeing this low-calorie ice cream and meaning to pick some up to try myself! You are inspiring me to follow my instincts ;)

  4. I don't think I could choose a flavour I like the sound of the most, they sound great!

  5. Mellissa Williams1 May 2019 at 17:38

    The ice cream sounds absolutely delicious! I don't think I could choose a favourite!

  6. This looks lovely! I think the white hocolate and mint choc chip would be my favourites.

  7. I love these. Lower calorie alternatives are fantastic, I'll have to look out for Goodness as the flavours are also great! x