Tuesday 30 April 2019

National Stationary Week with Smiggle **REVIEW**

** AD - Review **

This week is National Stationary week (29th April - 5th May) and I have to hold my hands up and admit I am a bit of a stationary addict! There is just something about a shiny new notepad or writing with a brand new pen that makes me do a little happy dance inside.

So stationary week seemed like the perfect excuse to treat myself to a few new bits for my desk and treat the kids to a few new bits for their pencil cases and homework draw. Now I don't know about you but when I think kids stationary one brand really springs to mind... Smiggle! With their bright, fun and quirky designs and products its not hard to see why they are always such a hit with kids (and grown ups alike) and my kids are no exception.

Smiggle very kindly sent us a selection of their products for James and Evelyn to celebrate National Stationary week and the kids definitely take after me when it comes to getting excited over stationary. The screams of excitement when the gel pens came out the bag says it all!

There is just something so fun and exciting about Smiggle stationary that makes you want to use it all isn't there? Not only does it look great but lots of the product had an extra element such as being scented or colour changing, which of course James and Evelyn loved.

The first product we tried were the gel pens because we were all so excited about them! Gel pens were a bit of a 90's kid (like myself) staple and no pencil case was complete without them so it was amazing to see them again from Smiggle. Not only that but just like the ones I had as a kid these are scented too!

This set contains 6 neon gel pens, 6 pastel gel pens, 6 colour gel pens and 12 glitter gel pens all with a unique scent including strawberry, cola and blueberry to name a few. The pens were just like I remember from my school days and both James and Evelyn love them too. They glide across the page really easily and give bright, fun and even glittery hits of colour, a must for any stationary addict.

James was really excited to find a diary in the package we received. Its something he has mentioned having before but I have never got around to buying so he was very pleased. Not only because he now has his own lockable diary but because it comes in a funky colour changing football design.

The diary comes with a small silver padlock and two keys which can used to lock up the diary and keep all your secrets safe! Each page inside the diary has the football design along the bottom and has a space for the date and a page title too. There are 3 football design plastic page dividers inside which divide up the different page styles. One third of the book has plain paper, one third has lines and the other third has a square grid style design. The diary also changes colour from blue to red when the temperature increases, James thought it was great that if he pressed his hand into the front cover it would leave a red hand print on the blue background.

Evelyn wasn't left out when it comes to scribbling down her pictures or messages though as she discovered with this very cute bunny design miniature note pad.

The outside of the notepad has a rubbery gel like feel and of course the bunny ice cream sundae design is absolutely adorable. Inside the book the pages inside are a light shade of pink and have the same design as the front on them. But that's not all, this little notepad has another secret... it has the most amazing strawberry scent on every page.

Of course we cant forget the pencil case essentials and no pencil case is complete without a good selection of colouring pencils. Smiggle definitely have it covered when it comes to stocking up your pencil case but these two packs definitely stood out to me because they both have fun elements to go with them. The first back contains 12 colour pencils that are all scented, the outside of the pencil has a design that hints at the scent your pencil may be and scents include donut delight, peachy keen and island punch, you just rub to activate the scent.

The second pack are "magic" pencils, that's because they change colour with touch. The pack contains 5 grey lead pencils with a small rubber on top, however once you have written on your page with them if you then touch the pencil on your page it will actually change colour, pretty cool right?

Of course its no use having all this great stationary but no were to store it all right? Well how about this large colour changing pencil case from Smiggle?

The fun design shows lots of delicious treats such as donuts, ice creams and sweets but that's not all. This pencil case is a temperature activated colour changer and goes from red to pink when warmed up. It is a large pencil case so plenty of room for everything you need for school or work and the ice cream style zip makes a very cute finishing touch.

Smiggle have a huge range of stationary in the most amazing, colourful and unique designs to suit every child. Not only that but the products are great quality that really last, my two definitely put this to the test at school! So if you are a bit of a stationary addict like me and my kids a visit to Smiggle is definitely a must!

Do you have any favourite stationary products?


** I received the Smiggle items above for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. **

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