Monday 3 June 2019

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Growing Up In The 90's!

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Born in April 1990 I was well and truly a 90's kid and whilst I may be a little bias I think it was a pretty awesome time to be growing up!

From Spice Girls and Game Boys to inflatable furniture and the beloved Furby the 90's holds such fond memories for me and here are some of my favourites.

Inflatable Furniture

Growing up my bedroom basically consisted of only inflatable furniture, and of course I thought this was the best thing ever! Those squeaky, slippery hugely impractical chairs and I think I even had a sofa at one point. I remember begging my mum for an inflatable bed, willing to compromise on a water bed but of course she flatly refused.

Tamagotchi's, Game Boy and Furby

As a child I think an entire year of my life at one point was spent trying to keep my Tamagotchi alive. Those tiny little keyring pets were so popular in the 90s and I remember it being the first thing I checked in the morning and as soon as I would get home from school, praying my little pet would still be alive.

Furbies were another classic 90's toy and I remember pestering my mum for months for one as a kid. When I became a mum myself and moaned about frantically searching for the latest toys for my kids she loves recalling her Furby search story to me. Apparently she searched high and low for a Furby for me because it was all I was asking for. She had to que up outside shops and pay over the odds for this Furby for Christmas so I wasn't disappointed, proper mum points to her for sure!

I remember getting my first ever Game Boy when I was about 8 and it being the best thing ever. It was the first time I had ever seen a handheld games console and I absolutely loved it. I remember going to a local gaming shop with my dad on a weekend to choose new games cartridges and trade in my old ones and there were so many great games to choose from.

Of course they have now upgraded these to colour etc but my original one was just the classic black and white console and it was awesome!

All the great TV shows and Movies

For my kids now its all about You Tube and Netflix but back in the 90's our tv screens were full of awesome programs and movies that kept me and my sister happy for hours on end.

Programs like Art Attack, where you never ever had all the stuff you needed to make the crafts but still loves to watch. As well as other classics including The Simpsons, Noels House Party, The Rugrats, SM:tv Live, Arthur, Bernard's Watch, Byker Grove and not forgetting Friends of course!

We really were spoiled for choice and I often try to find snippets of these programs for my kids to watch, showing them what I used to watch and they are always a hit so clearly these shows never get old.

The Spice Girls!

I had to save the best bit about the 90's until last and of course it is the Spice Girls. To say I was obsessed would be a huge understatement, which I am certain my mum would agree with too. I had everything spice girls, from posters and bags to branded t-shirts and even a Spice Girls themed disco (complete with Spice Girls cake of course) for my birthday one year.

So when I heard Spice Girls were back for a huge tour I was so excited. It instantly transported me back to my childhood and I realised that even at 30 I can still remember most of the words to my favourite songs! I remember going to Woolworths to buy their latest songs and albums on CD as a teen, back when CD's were the thing rather than all this downloading nowadays.

(Photo credit to Katie)

I think its safe to say that Spice Girl fever and all that Girl Power has well and truly made a comeback with the announcement of their tour and Walkers have teamed up with the Spice Girls on a hunt to find their biggest fan. If you watch Britain's got Talent you may have spotted the ad below during the final last night? If not then you can watch it below, it definitely made me giggle, showing
the lengths some people will go to avoid sharing their irresistible Walkers crisps, even rejecting the Spice Girls.

Were you a 90's kid or do you have any favourite moments or memories from the 90's? Let me know in the comments below! Oh and of course don't forget to let me know your favourite Spice Girl too!


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  1. Being a 90's child was the best! I loved the Spice Girls and the cheesy tv!

  2. This post definitely had me feeling nostalgic as I was a 90s kid too! As well as inflatable furniture, I had an inflatable backpack – did you have one of those too?

  3. OMG the Tamagotchi Christmas ... I’ll NEVER forget it! Trying to jeep that darn demanding thing alive!!!

  4. Oh this is a trip down memory lane! I grew up in the 90's and all of these bring back so many fond memories :)

  5. I can remember all of these things, inflatable furniture... what were we thinking?

  6. I was born in January 1990 so pretty much the same as you and I remember all of this! The 90's was the best age to grow up as we had some technology and got to enjoy it as teenagers and adults but we still remember what it was like without the tech we have now x

  7. I went to see the Spice Girls last night and they were SO good!

  8. I was an 80's kid but loved the 90's too. The Spice Girls were great as the celebrated being different

  9. My youngest son was born in 1988 so I remember all those things as a parent. My children begged me for furbies which were quite expensive and then were very disappointed when they did not live up to the advertising hype. I also remember computer games like Prince of Persia and echo the dolphin.

  10. I remember the original game boy, I had little kids at the time but left them to play on their own whilst I played tetris on the gameboy.

  11. I'm a 90's girl too and remember all of these!! I had Spice Girls CD on loop!!

  12. I remember watching all these cartoons show that you mentioned here from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

  13. I loved this post. I was too a 90's kid!!!! What a great road down memory lane.

  14. I was born in the 70's, so the 90's for me were my teens and early 20's. I loved the spice girls, was the proud owner of a dodgy shell suit and a Game Boy!

  15. I was born in 92! I loved the 90s, I still have my game boy colour and a whole bunch of games. Pokemon is such a 90s thing, and jelly shoes!