Tuesday 4 June 2019

Dealing with a Delayed or Cancelled Flight with Children

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The day to go on holiday has finally come. Everyone is excited, you have packed all your stuff and you are on your way to the airport in plenty of time, but for what? A delayed or cancelled flight. This inconvenience completely takes over what is meant to be the start of a great trip abroad. It can be hard enough to deal with it alone, but when you throw little ones into the picture, the stress is usually much more overwhelming.

When it comes to entertaining kids without technology, it can be a difficult task, especially when you are in an airport and delays or cancellations can take many hours, even days to sort themselves out. Finding things to entertain your child after a delayed or cancelled flight is every parent’s nightmare, but to ease the task, you should always prepare yourself for the worst. To help you out, the following tips and advice are here to guide you on how to deal with this bother with your children.


When a flight is delayed or cancelled, you can always expect some kind of compensation for the fault of the flight company. It is your right to claim, especially when it comes to larger companies, such as Flybe, as they should be experienced and prepared enough to avoid these situations as best as they can. With technology and transport, nothing is guaranteed to run smoothly, which may make you question your rights. So, to help you out, visit the online legal service Flightright.co.uk. Their mission is to aid air passengers and enforce their rights. They are committed to translating being right, to proven right. With many press reviews, awards and success stories, Flightright is the first place you should contact if you have to go through the gruelling process of a delayed or cancelled flight with your children. 


Making sure you have entertainment for the kids is always a must. You will most likely have something for the plane journey and for the holiday when you need a little peace and quiet. Movies, snacks and toys are just some of the extras you should consider. Just bring as many activities as you can to entertain your children at the airport. Before you leave to go to the airport, make sure any devices you use are fully charged and that you have a charger on hand if necessary. Portable chargers are brilliant if you can’t find a socket to plug in your device. Having a blanket and some kind of pillow that is compact and easy to carry around is also a great idea if your kids are feeling a little sleepy. If you have distractions and they get engrossed in them, then that is one extra thing you don’t have to worry about whilst you sort out rearrangements. 

Play Areas

In Europe, many airports have play areas for children inside. This is really handy if you are travelling with small children and is a fantastic way to keep them happy and entertained if your flight is delayed or cancelled. There are many airport terminals that are kid-friendly. If you are unsure if the airport you are in has one, then all you need to do is ask; it will definitely be worth it. 

Plane Watch

Luckily for you, every airport has its own unique form of entertainment and this is plane take-offs and landings. Making up a game with your children is a brilliant way to keep them occupied and can even teach the younger ones a thing or two. Counting the planes, reading the names of the brands, stating the colours and guessing where the planes have come from/are going to are all small but informational things that can occupy your kids. At most airports, you can expect to find observation decks where you can see all the plane departures and arrivals on the runway. This modern-day transport is bound to grasp the attention of your children, no matter what age they are.


Keeping the tummies of your little ones full is key to having a happy child. Packing yourself some tasty treats from home will definitely come in handy if your flight is delayed or cancelled and will also save you a few pennies. The prices airports charge are considerably more than the normal world, so to avoid these pesky fees, having food on hand is great. This way, your kids can be full and satisfied, but if they want something specific or see something they like in the airport, you can get it for them without having to worry about the cost and whether or not it will fill them up (because they have already been well fed). 

Keeping calm, patient and being prepared will make travelling with children much easier for you. You can’t predict delays or cancellations, but knowing how to deal with the issue is the best way to reduce the stress you experience. Hopefully, these tips will come in handy if you are unfortunate enough to experience this inconvenience. 

Do you have any top tips to share when flying with children? Please do leave them in the comments below! 


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