Saturday 15 June 2019

Helping Evelyn see in the Pool with Prescription Goggles!

**AD - Review**

Evelyn has been wearing glasses since she was two when we noticed a turn in her eye from very early on, we eventually managed to get someone to listen who diagnosed her as having a serious quint as well as being very long sighted. 

Her glasses have helped so much and, after a bit of a fight to get her to keep them on in the beginning she loves wearing her glasses now. She gets all excited when it’s time to choose a new pair and loves seeing the "eye doctor" and having her eye tests. We have seen so much improvement in her eyesight over the last almost 3 years thanks to the glasses and the patching she has done, the only problem we found was when she went swimming! 

Evelyn hates taking her glasses off for swimming, especially as she relies on them quite a lot for good vision, it had begun to really start effecting her confidence in her swimming lessons too. Seeing her so upset really got to me, I hate seeing her upset anyway but seeing her so upset about swimming when she absolutely loves the water broke my heart. So my search began for a solution and that's when I discovered GogglesNMore.com

GooglesNMore.com is a family owned business which began when its owners, who are regular swimmers themselves, recognised the lack of affordable solutions available for fellow swimmers in need of prescription swimming goggles that cater for their individual prescription needs.

Together with a small but passionate team of optometrists, technicians and other professionals they work hard to produce high quality prescription swimming goggles for both adults and kids. As well as this they also produce a range of prescription sports glasses, prescription sports sunglasses, prescription diving masks and waterproof MP3 players at the best possible prices. 

GogglesNMore.com is based in Miami (Florida) with orders being shopped from their facility in Hong Kong. They post worldwide but obviously customs charges may apply when shipping, so this is worth considering this when ordering.

Ordering was very simple, although you will need a copy of your prescription when ordering to ensure the optometrist makes your goggles just right for you. Its then simply a case of choosing the correct answers based on your prescription from drop down menus and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. 

 Evelyn is 5 and we were originally recommended to try the toddler goggles (age 2-5 years) which can be made to your full prescription. However, when these arrived, they were really small and actually pulled her eyes making them unwearable. I would definitely say these are for the smaller children (probably under 3!). The goggles themselves felt very well made and looked like they would be really comfy for smaller children however I wouldn't recommend for much younger as these were very small. Evelyn did love the bright pink and yellow colours on them though. 

The team at GogglesNMore.com were great though at dealing with this! After a few emails and images sent over they recommended we actually try a different size pair, the kids goggles aimed at children aged 5-10 years. Again, we waited for these to arrive but were disappointed to discover that again these were not a great fit either. Whilst the actual size of the goggles was much better this time, the actual lens was so thick there was no room inside the goggle lens for her eye to go! It’s such a shame as Evelyn really liked the style of these goggles and if it hadn't been for the lens thickness, they would have been a good fit both size and comfort wise. 

It is worth noting that Evelyn has a pretty hefty prescription for her age (a +6 in one eye and a +9 in the other) so I do appreciate that her lenses will always be thick. However, these were unwearable, and I could tell this as soon as I pulled them from the packaging. So, whilst I appreciate her prescription is tricky, I never once got a call or email to maybe discuss that these goggles might not be suitable or that her lenses would be super thick, I just received them this way in the post which was a shame.

We were beginning to feel a little disheartened, Evelyn (and I!) and been so excited about her finally being able to see properly in the pool but after 6+ weeks and two pairs of goggles we were still no closer. I must give it to the team at GogglesNMore.com however as they were fantastic as trying to solve the issue. 

They suggested we try another pair of goggles from their kids range which are slightly different in that they aren't matched completely to your full prescription. Instead they are premade with far sight (+) powers up to a +8. Whilst I was aware these wouldn't be a perfect match for Evelyn, we were both excited by the fact that they would still offer her much better vision in the pool than nothing! 

When the goggles arrived, we all let out a little cheer as these goggles were actually an all-round great fit! Here is what the premade goggles offer -

  • Far-Sighted Powers (Sphere Power) available.
  • UV400 Rated - 100% UV protection (UVA & UVB)
  • Silicone head strap, eye seals and adjustable nose strap - Help stay water-tight and comfortable while your children are having fun!
  • Grey tinted, anti-fog coated, impact resistant polycarbonate prescription lenses – No need for additional anti-fog wipes/sprays.  
  • EASY-CLIP buckle system for quick adjustment.
  • Storage case included.
These goggles are suggested to be suitable for children around 5 years old up until 14 years old which I would say is about right. Evelyn will be 5 next month and these fit her well but still with loads of room to grow in to. The goggles feel really well made and have already taken a few test runs both on holiday and in her swimming lessons and still look as good as new. 

You can pay a small amount extra to have different powers in each eye in these goggles which we did require as Evelyn has two different strengths and these are very cleverly marked on each side of her goggles to help her (and us!) when we put them on. 

The goggles sit nicely on Evelyn's face and don't leave red marks around her eyes at all, even after nearly 2 hours in the pool on holiday. The strap is easily adjusted and fits comfortably on her head, even with her long hair which is a big bonus for her. Her face really said it all with these goggles when she stepped into the pool for the first time with a massive smile as she could see everything around her. 

Whilst we may have had a bit of a journey getting there, we have finally found some goggles that work and fit, even with a strong and tricky prescription like Evelyn's. They have made the world of difference to both her swimming lessons and her confidence in the water which makes it all worth whilst in the end for us. 

Does your child wear glasses? Have you ever considered a pair of prescription goggles? 


** We received the goggles for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**

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  1. Nicely written review. My kid loves his prescription swimming goggles which is why i also bought regular prescription glasses from GogglesNmore. It has not disappointed from the past 2 years.