Tuesday 25 June 2019

Keeping Your Family Car Safe On The Road.

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We recently bought a new car, much to the delight of both the kids and my husband! In all fairness our previous car was getting fairly old. It was almost 15 years old and had been showing signs of wear and tear for a few years now so it just didn't make sense to keep piling money into it.  

So we started looking for a new car but we had no idea what car we wanted but we knew we wanted something bigger, something newer and something that was safe and comfortable for the whole family. We finally settled on a Ford Cmax and it definitely ticks all of the boxes. Those with a family car, well anyone with a car really, will know just how important it is to have a car that is safe to travel in. One of the main components for that is the car tyres, after all they are the only thing that come between your car and the road! So not only is it the law to keep your tyres safe but its super important for your safety too. 

Keeping your tyres well maintained and ensuring they are road worthy is not only a legal requirement but can make all the difference when it comes to the safety and the running of your car. It can take just a few moments to test your tyres yourself, with several different small tools available to purchase only to check tread depth etc. You should also be checking over your tyres by sight ensuring there are no cracks, bulges or imperfections to your tyres.  

If you aren't too confident in checking your own tyres you can always head to a local garage or mechanic, most will offer services to check your tyres and ensuring they are safe to drive on .It is important to get your tyres checked to save passengers from any accident.  If you are looking for tyre fitting services within Wakefield, check out Ossett Tyre house.  

Of course it’s really important to check all aspects of your car safety including keeping oil/water etc topped up, keeping an eye out for any warning lights/sounds or anything that is different to your car. A well maintained car would always run smoothly while travelling in Yorkshire or to cities like Wakefield where traffic volume is usually high during peak hours.   Keeping your car up to date with its regular service and MOT can help ensure it stays safe and roadworthy to make sure that you and your family can travel safely and with complete peace of mind.  


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