Tuesday 23 July 2019

A Letter To My Daughters Very First Teacher

Today as we got ready for school, pulled on uniform and grabbed book bags I fought back a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. You see today is Evelyn's very last day in reception, her very first year at school. I thought that saying goodbye to her pre-school class was hard but this feels like a whole new ball game. 

You see over the last year you have become one of the most important people in Evelyn's life. You have probably spent almost as much time with her as me. You have become her friend, her confidence, her safe place and now she has to leave you behind to start the next part of her journey. 

I know that today won't be easy for you either, a whole class to say goodbye to in fact your very first class as a new teacher and let me just say you smashed it. In fact you were awesome! You stepped into your new teaching role perfectly and showed so much compassion and kindness to every child in your class, it makes it even harder to say goodbye to a teacher so amazing. 

This year hasn't been the easiest for us, Evelyn has really struggled with a lot of things. Things like coming into school without me, making friends and adjusting the a whole new school routine. But you have been there every step of the way, a smile and helping hand at the door in the morning. Always coming up with ideas to make it easier for her and still having time to be there to check in with me, to make a plan with me and to make sure we were always on the same page. You don't know how much easier this made the mornings when it was so hard to leave as she cried for me, because I knew that once she was in school she had you and you would care for her just as I would. 

You took my child and you helped her grow, you took her hand and you guided her through this whole year. You helped her find a love for learning, in particular a love for books and writing. You helped her learn more than just "educational" things though. You helped her find confidence she didn't know she had, you taught her how to make friends, to compromise and even to sit still and listen and let me tell you that's no easy feat (I've been trying for 5 years!). 

But jokes aside, this year you have gone above and beyond to give my child the very best start to school. In a class of 30 children you made her feel like she always had your time and your attention and for that I don't think there are enough thank yous in the world to tell you how grateful I am. I can only hope that as we carry on our school journey we find more teachers just as amazing as you. 

I know that the summer holidays aren't all fun and games for you, there is planning to do, classrooms to decorate and teacher training days. But make sure you take some time for you because you definitely deserve it. So this summer kick off your shoes and when you reflect back on your very first teaching year know that you changed the life of a little girl this year and gave her the best start to education any parent could ask for. 

Thank you. 


  1. I'm so glad that she's had such a lovely teacher like this! It can't be easy for teachers or pupils, to move on, but how wonderful that they're such positive influences on each other.

  2. Aww this brought a tear to my eye. It sounds as though her teacher was someone very special.

  3. such a lovely letter. My daughters teacher has been amazing and i'm a little upset that come September she will be getting a different teacher

  4. It sounds like your daughter’s first teacher has been a great influence, my sister in law is a teacher and would love a letter like this from one of her pupil’s parents x

  5. My son is starting school this year and I’m full of different emotions. Have a lovely summer holiday

  6. What a beautiful letter. Its amazing to know that your daughter has had such a positive influence in her life xxx

  7. Lovely to have had this teacher in your child's life!