Monday 22 July 2019

Air Fryer Hidden Veg Savoury Muffins

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As a family we always seem to be on the go, whether it’s school, work, swim club or another, or the kids various after school clubs we always seem to have something on your calendar! 

Because of that meal times in our house can be stressful to say the least. I am always on the lookout for quick and easy recipes, handy kitchen gadgets that can make meal times quicker or easier and ways to ease the stress in the kitchen. Of course, as a parent I am always encouraging my kids to eat plenty of fruit/vegetables too! 

So, when Princess, a Dutch owned consumer goods company challenged me to create a quick and easy family recipe which incorporated hidden veggies and using one of their fantastic gadgets I jumped at the chance. 

As a brand Princess really has our backs, especially as parents and I just love its way of thinking - 

"Princess develops household appliances that turn daily routines into meaningful moments. Appliances that offer ultimate convenience and to add joy to special gatherings" 

As a busy mum it’s exactly the kind of thing I need in my life and anything that makes meal times quicker, easier and more enjoyable, giving me more time to spend with my family is a winner to me
So, using our new Princess Air Fryer I came up with a fun, simple recipe for these delicious ham & cheese savoury muffins with hidden veggies! They are easy to make in no time at all and can be made in advance and stored for easy to grab on the go options. 

How to make my Air Fryer Savoury Muffins - 

This recipe creates approximately 12 muffins however this may vary slightly depending on the size of the tin/cases you use. I have used ingredients here to create ham, cheese and veggie muffins but you could swap out these ingredients to create other flavour combinations. Some of our other favourites include breakfast muffins (bacon, mushroom, tomato, onion and spinach) or Mediterranean muffins (courgette, red pepper, onion and tomato with cheese). The possibilities are endless for the flavour combinations you could create! 

Ingredients -

· 200g self-raising flour
· 150ml semi-skimmed milk
· 75g butter (melted)
· 2 medium sized eggs
· 150g cheddar cheese
· 50g ham (chopped into approximately 1cm squares)
· 1 medium onion (finely chopped)
· 6-8 small plum/vine tomatoes (chopped into quarters)
· 8-10 button mushrooms (chopped into quarters)
· Oil (for lining tins/moulds)
· 1 tsp salt 

Method - 

· Preheat your Air Fryer to 180 °C

· In a large mixing bowl sieve, the self-raising flour, then add the salt and combine together. 

· In a separate bowl combine together your eggs, milk and butter and whisk together. Then add in your chosen ingredients, in this recipe that is your ham, cheese, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. I find that lightly frying off the onions and mushrooms before adding them to the mixture removes some excess moisture, however this is not compulsory, and ingredients can be added in raw. 

· Once you have combined all of these ingredients, pour your wet ingredients into the large mixing bowl containing your flour and salt. Mix well until all of your mixture is combined. Ensuring there are no clumps of flour left in your mixture. If your mixture seems too wet you can add a little more flour, if it seems too dry add a little more milk. Be careful to only add a little at a time, your mixture should resemble a thick cake mixture consistency. 

· Once your mixture is ready line your moulds or tin with a light coating of oil. I find that the silicone moulds work really well for this recipe as they fit well into the Air Fryer and are handy to use for lunch boxes etc once cooled. 

· Carefully spoon your mixture evenly into your moulds/tin and place into the Air Fryer. Cook for around 12 minutes and then check them. Our cooking times have varied between 12 and 15 minutes so it is worth checking after 12 minutes and judging from there, you can always leave them for an extra few minutes if needed. 

· Once cooked remove from the Air Fryer and onto a cool rack to cool down. These muffins are delicious both warm and cold so you can either enjoy straight away or allow to cool and then store in an air tight container in the fridge. 

Your finished muffins should have a crispy golden top with a soft "muffin" like texture inside. 

These muffins are so quick and easy to make, plus they can be made in advance and kept in the fridge. They are perfect for grabbing on the go as a quick breakfast, as an addition to a lunch box or to bring with you on a summer picnic. My kids totally seem to forget about the hidden veggies inside as they love the idea of it being a "muffin" too. 

Plus, you can use the basic recipe shared above and experiment with your own flavours, perhaps get the kids involved asking them to choose different veg to go inside? It’s a fun way to get them engaged in the making and cooking process and I always find my children are more excited to eat something if they have had a hand in making it! 

We used the Princess Digital Family Air Fryer for this recipe, with its large size and easy to use features it makes it perfect for a family (it can even make multiple generous portions of fries in one go!). It has a 5.2 litre capacity and fully digital display, which is easy to read and use. 

I have to admit before using this I had never tried an Air Fryer before, but we have used it lots since. It is such a handy kitchen gadget which not only makes cooking healthier by removing the need for lots of oil and essentially removing the need to even deep fry anything, but it is so quick and easy to use too. Even my husband has managed to master the Air Fryer so he can set it all up and put in on when I am out taking the kids to a lesson or football club. 

Whilst we received the Air Fryer for this recipe, Princess has a huge range of appliances from kettles, robotic vacuum cleaners, Air Fryers and multi cookers. There is a gadget for every kitchen, every cooking style and all levels of cooking. Their easy to use designs make meal times much less stressful and cooking much more fun. 

Do you have any go to family favourite Air Fryer recipes? If so, please do share them in the comments below! 


** I was gifted this air fryer as well as receiving payment for this post. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


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