Thursday, 18 July 2019

Top Tips For Planning A Family Road Trip.

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Summer is here, the sun is shining and lots of us are counting down the days until some time in the sun. Whether that is here in the UK or somewhere abroad lots of us will be planning road trips this summer and when you have kids in tow its always best to be prepared.

So I have put together this handy list of some top tips to help you plan your next road trip and to make it as easy and stress free as possible!

Make Travel Bags For The Kids

One of the things my kids really love when we travel is the bags I make up to keep them entertained. I try to keep the contents a complete secret until we are in the car and on our way so they have lots of fun discovering what is inside as well as obviously playing with the stuff inside.

When making travel bags for kids try to remember to keep them as mess free as possible and try to avoid anything with little pieces or anything too fiddly. Stick to toys and activities that can be easily used in the car, some of our favourites include squishies, colour wonder colouring sets, mini travel games, books, tablets/ipad/handheld consoles, snacks such as crisps and mini Haribo packs are all winners for my kids.

I use cheap drawstring bags for our travel packs because not only do they keep everything safe inside, the bags also double up as handy swim bags once we get on holiday.

Check Your Car and Make Any Repairs Beforehand

Making sure your vehicle is safe is super important day to day but even more so when you are planning on loading it up and heading out on a long road trip away from home with your family. There are lots of quick checks you can do yourself such as checking tyre pressures, oil/water levels and wipers etc. But you could also get your car serviced or checked over at a local garage to give yourself peace of mind.

If you are pretty handy with tools and know your way around the car you could even replace/repair some bits yourself. There are lots of great sites which sell car parts for the car brand BMW you get all here bestPARTSTORE.co.uk.

Its also worth checking your car manual for safety aspects such as weight limits, especially if you are planning on taking lots of luggage. For example a large BMW or Range Rover for instance may have a much higher load limit than a smaller family car and going over that limit can result in fines so its definitely worth knowing!

Keep A Change of Clothes in the Boot

Kids will be kids and that includes accidents and mess even on trips in the car. Lets face it when you are heading out for the day or on holiday, the last thing you want to do is turn up with a child who is wet or dirty and have to fork out for new clothes. Having a full change of clothes for each child to hand in the car means you can quick and easily change a child's clothes if needs be without worrying.

I also often add a spare pair of socks and a jumper in there for me too. That way if we decide on an impromptu stop at the beach or get wet in the rain or something we all have dry clean clothes to change into on our journey.

Plan Ahead For Stops.

When traveling with kids, especially on a long journey it is inevitable that you are going to need to stop both to stretch your legs and for toilet breaks. Before you even start off on your journey take a look at the route, do a little bit of searching and work out where there are suitable places to stop and where the toilets are!

If you know where the stops are and roughly how far into your journey each stop is it can be much easier to plan for toilet stops and to know where the nearest service station is when the kids declare they are desperate to stop.

Travel Late at Night or Early in the Morning

I know is isn't always possible but I have always found that when traveling with young kids if you can travel early in the morning or late at night, kids will often sleep and it make the journey a lot easier for them. For early morning travel we literally scoop the kids out of bed, place them in the car and go. For late night travel the kids get into their pyjamas, bring their blankets and pillows then set off, they are usually asleep within the first hour! 

If you are planning on traveling early/late try getting the kids into comfy clothes or even their pyjamas and don't forget the bring comfy blankets or duvets, pillows and perhaps their special teddy or anything else they like to have nearby when they sleep. It definitely makes the journey a lot less stressful for everyone, plus the kids have had a good sleep and are full on energy once you arrive, or can hopefully be transferred straight to bed depending on the time you left. 

Most importantly stay safe! Don't forget to take breaks if you need too, there is never anywhere you need to be that is more important than your life. Driving when tired can kill so stay safe, drive safe and have an amazing time once you reach your destination! 

Do you have any top tips to share when planning a family road trip? 


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  1. When our boys were younger, we used to always travel at night. Usually ending up at our destination somewhere between 1 - 2 am! It was so much easier to do the drive while they slept. Now they are older they don't sleep in the car, but have a great love of music and singing which makes the journey fly by! We tend to only stop once if we are driving for longer than 3 hours, otherwise I just buckle in and get it done!

  2. We love to travel and thankfully the children are used to sitting in the car for a few hours at a time. Travelling early in the morning or at night is so much easier (and cooler in the summer)

  3. These are fab tips! I will definitely be taking notice as we are planning a few road trips over the summer.

  4. Bags can be very helpful for kids who have difrering interests or that like different snacks. I love traveling very late or very early as well.