Thursday 4 March 2021

The Best Cleaning Methods for Vinyl Flooring

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Everyone’s cleaning list is different and often flooring is a controversial topic when it comes to how we choose to clean it. Whether you are using your trusty Dyson (find your Dyson spares here) or a mop and bucket, it will ultimately depend on the type of flooring you have in your home.  There appears to be some confusion surrounding the approach to cleaning vinyl flooring, however, one thing is for certain – it takes no time at all and costs a lot less than the upkeep of authentic flooring materials such as wood, slate and stone. 

Let’s set the record straight with the best cleaning methods for vinyl flooring.

The equipment 

The magic of vinyl flooring is that it requires no specialist cleaning products, just standard household cleaning products utilised alongside the relevant cleaning appliances. 

A deep cleaning process for vinyl flooring should begin with a thorough vacuuming along the skirting boards, in the corners, and over the centre of the flooring, whilst all furniture is removed to prevent missing an area. You may also wish to sweep the area with a soft brush to ensure all debris has been gathered up ready to throw out and your floor is left unharmed from the soft bristles. By mixing a lightly soapy solution in warm water and applying it to your vinyl flooring using a mop and bucket, you can bring up the natural shine that vinyl floorings bestows thanks to its moisture resistant top layer.

Setting time 

One of the biggest questions is how to clear up the mess that is left after installation. Luckily, you made the decision to invest in vinyl flooring so the mess should be in small quantities. The remaining adhesive should be removed as soon as possible after installation. However, most of the flooring should be left untouched for a minimum of 48hours to prevent footfalls or moisture ruining the setting process. It is recommended that once the 48hrs has passed, the floor is treated to a light mopping using liquid cleaner in a bucket of lukewarm water and a microfiber mop to prevent scratches and take up any dust that has accumulated on the flooring during installation. 


Depending on the size of your space, the other furnishings in your room, and what the space is used for then you will want to give your flooring a deep clean every two weeks. However, if you experience frequent visitors, dirt and debris coming in from shoes due to the time of year, or you have pets then you may want to change that to once a week. Alternatively, you may wish to deep clean just once a month and hoover and brush when necessary. You can also clean up smaller accidents with floor wipes which are made of a soft material so as not to damage the surface of the flooring. 

Superb results every time

Vinyl flooring really is designed with the modern family lifestyle in mind. It doesn’t require much of your time to keep looking brilliant and it doesn’t need much for your money on expensive flooring treatments. But where can we find the perfect vinyl flooring which does all of this and meets our style? 

Amtico has decades of experience in bringing your chore list down to the bare minimum by manufacturing flooring which is moisture resistant, scratch resistant, and has a complete selection of wooden replica planks which look like they have been cut fresh from a forest. 

Luvanto matches the performance and durability of vinyl flooring brands which have been around for years before it. Designed with layering patterns in mind, Luvanto brings you custom sized planks which can be used to form your dream flooring patterns, so that no matter how many accidents happened, your design stays intact. 

Invictus doesn’t falter on style or durability, with hundreds of luxurious combinations to make up. With Optimus, Maximus, and Maximus Click you get border options too which can heighten the elements of class and decade in time that your flooring is helping to represent in your home. 

Just so you have complete confidence in the vinyl flooring you choose, speak to a specialist who can recommend alternatives or better ways to utilise your vinyl. 

Have you found any great ways to keep your vinyl flooring looking clean, fresh and new? Let me know in the comments below.


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