Tuesday 2 March 2021

Top Tips For Hosting A Successful Bridal Shower

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Weddings are a celebration and the big finale of what is sometimes years of build-up and excitement. It is a special celebration when two people come together in front of their family and friends at their chosen wedding venue to tie the knot and agree to spend the rest of their lives together. The lead up to the wedding is also an exciting time as its a great excuse for lots of mini celebrations, with the bridal shower being one of these. 

Traditionally a bridal shower is an event to celebrate the bride-to-be and is attended by her closest friends and family. They tend to take place during the day, gifts are sometimes given and wedding themed games are usually played by everyone. If youre planning a bridal shower but not sure where to start, we have put together some ideas for you to consider to make ensure that its a success and runs smoothly! 


When Should It Take Place? 

Typically bridal showers take place during the day and around two – six months before the wedding takes place, but obviously this will depend on the bride and guests availability. It is also important to discuss with the bride when she might like this to happen too, without revealing the actual date of course if you plan on keeping it a surprise. Although this is tradition, if you wanted yours to take place in early evening then thats okay too. 

Its a fun gathering that celebrates the bride-to-bes forthcoming marriage and is also an excuse to have a few drinks and play games with some friends! You could also print off some props or maybe hire a photo booth to really make it a special occasion as there are plenty of wedding suppliers out there who also hire their items for parties or private events. 


Where Should It Take Place? 

Where the event happens is completely down to personal choice; it could take place at someones house, or you might choose to hire a private room at a venue. Wherever you decide to hold it just remember to make it personal to the bride-to-be and something that she would love. Perhaps a building or place that the bride has mentioned loving before or that holds a special memory for her? You could decorate the room with pictures of the couple, or keep it neutral and just decorated with wedding themed items. 


Generally there will be food for people as well so this could be in the form of an afternoon tea with cake, sandwiches and champagne, or you may opt for a light lunch for people. Make sure you remember to ask people if they have any dietary requirements when you are planning the food menu. 


Who Should You Invite?


It will be organised by the maid of honour and she will invite the brides’ closest female friends, bridesmaids and family. If you are worried about missing anyone out you could also ask the bride or her mum to arrange a list for you or help you to contact people to ensure you reach everyone.   


What Is The Dress Code? 

There isnt a particular dress code for a bridal shower; you can choose to have it as formal or casual as you wish, depending on what the bride-to-be decides she would like to have. You might choose to have a theme if you wanted to, or you could even make it fun by printing off a cardboard mask of the groom-to-be for everyone to wear. This would make for some interesting photos! 

If you do decide to have a theme or want it to be a more formal occasion be sure to let your guests know with plenty of time so they can arrange outfits etc before the day. 


What Games Should You Play? 

Of course you don't have to have games although these do tend to be popular and great ice breakers at events such as a bridal shower. There are so many options when it comes to games to play that will ensure that everyone who attends and the bride-to-be will have a great time! Its also a great way to get to know the other guests well too. 


Where are we’ – This is a fun game that involves putting up around 10 pictures of the bride and her fiancé around the world, and then people have to guess where they are taken. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize. 


'He Said, She Said' – This is one of the most popular games for a bridal shower that involves coming up with a set of questions to ask the bride about her fiancé. In order for this to work you will need to email the groom to be (or bride) and ask their answers to the questions beforehand and have them printed off so you can show the bride once she has answered.   


Whos that couple’ – This game uses print outs of celebrity couples and each guest has to try to guess who the couple ar.! Try to make it as difficult as possible! 


Charades – Wedding Edition’ – This is a twist on the standard game of charades, but uses wedding movie names instead, such as My big fat Greek wedding’ or bridesmaids. This is a great game to play with two teams. 


Toilet Paper Wedding Dress’ – This game is something fun that will be a great ice breaker if guests dont know each other.  Everyone is divided into two teams and given rolls of toilet paper, and each team chooses a bride. Each team then has 20 minutes to create a wedding dress on their bride using the toilet paper. There is a prize awarded for the best and most creative dress. 


Do You Need To Bring Gifts? 

Often when a couple are getting married they will create a gift list that will be sent to each person along with the invitation. If you do want to bring a gift to the bridal shower you could choose to get something off this list or you could get something more personal and specifically for the bride that she will love.  

Gifts are not usually compulsory at a bridal shower, however many guests will want to bring a small gift. You could even as the future bride and groom to create a specific list for their bridal shower with some smaller or cheaper options on that may be better suited to a bridal shower gift. 

Of course the most important thing to remember is to ensure the bride has the best time. Try to include personal touches you know she will love such as using her wedding colours or wedding flowers to decorate. Include some of her favourite food and drink choices in lunch and of course ensure she has the best time. 

Did you have a bridal shower before your big day or have you arranged one for someone else? Let me know your top tops in the comments below. 


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