Monday 1 March 2021

How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

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Finding the time to treat yourself to a little “you” time is one of the healthiest things you can do in life.

But over the last year, most moms have sacrificed their personal time, space, money and more to help their families through the pandemic. 

With everyone stuck indoors, it might feel like an escape is impossible. But there are little things you can do at home to reclaim a little you-time (and a little sanity).

One of them is to give your bathroom an easy make-over to bring out its relaxing spa vibes. It only takes a few changes and a little creativity to make your bathroom feel miles away.  

Here are a few transformative tips that you can implement right away. 

Antimicrobial towels

Towels are like the clothing of the bathroom. How you feel in your towel will affect your mood and your level of relaxation. 

If you have musty old towels, it will be hard to feel pampered and refreshed. But if you have clean and snuggly towels every time you escape to the bathroom, you’ll always have access to a little luxury. 

It might seem unrealistic to have clean towels daily, but you can do it by switching to antimicrobial towels. These towels are resistant to all germs, which means they always stay clean and they never develop musty odours. However, you want to make sure they’re comfy too, because many are not. 

I recommend Soji Towels because they combine powerful antimicrobial silver with ultra-soft bamboo fibres. You get the best of clean and comfortable in one package. 

Soji are woven with real silver. They are 99.99% antimicrobial and protect against bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, allergens and more. Because silver is fused into every fibre, Soji’s germ-fighting power will never fade or wash out. 

Soji are the product of a startup that uses traditional Japanese towel-making techniques to bring luxury towels to the home. A special open-air weave makes Soji super fluffy and soft. They feel like hugging a litter of kittens! 

My favourite thing about Soji is their extra-large size. I feel like I’m wrapping up in a big blanket every time I get out of the shower. 

If you want to upgrade your towels and your bathroom with Soji, you can use this link to take 50% off a set. Even if you’re not ready to try Soji, I still highly recommend switching to antimicrobial towels.

Soft lighting

Have you ever been to a spa with bright lights? I sure haven’t. Bright lighting isn’t very relaxing, which is why I find it odd that so many bathrooms have bright white lights that make everything glare. Though I admit, my bathroom used to be the same.

Dimming the lights or changing your bulbs to warmer light colours can transform the mood of your bathroom. Warm lighting has been found to relax and soothe the mind. Even if you only have 5 minutes to escape to the bathroom, warm lighting can make you feel far from the stress of daily life. 

Destress even more by adding some candles. This natural warm lighting is the most relaxing kind there is. Go ahead and sink into the tub by candlelight. You deserve it! 


Aromatherapy isn’t just for the spa. It’s super easy to use essential oils at home. They’re good for your health, they’re incredibly relaxing, and they make your bathroom smell wonderful. Here are a few easy ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your bathroom.

Spray: You can buy diluted essential oil sprays right off the shelf and start to freshen up your bathroom today. Just spritz a little in the air or on your towels and start to relax.

Diffuser: I recommend an electronic essential oil diffuser that creates a calming vapour. They aren’t very expensive, and they keep your bathroom spa-scented all day long.

Rub: If others don’t like your favourite scent, just rub a little oil on your chest. You’ll be able to enjoy the scent without causing it to linger. 

Candle: Combine warm light and aromatherapy by using essential oil candles. They’re divine!

Once you’ve found a scent you like, you can experiment with all of the above forms until you’ve found your favourite. 

Complement your porcelain 

If you’re tired of all that porcelain, the answer is not to cover it up with decorations, doilies, and rugs. This will only make your bathroom seem cluttered and kitschy. 

Instead, embrace all that white and complement it with natural colours and décor.

Wooden décor goes very well with porcelain, as long as it’s a bright wood like cedar or bamboo. These colours look especially lively with porcelain whites, and they’re relaxing. 

After wood tones, add a few green touches. Green will add a bit of colour to the space without being overbearing (as long as you keep it restrained). It will also complement the wooden notes and make your bathroom seem like a natural spa.

The easiest way to incorporate these touches is with a plant. If you don’t get much sunlight in your bathroom, you can use art or colourful décor. Or, you can get some fake greenery. 

For inspiration on how to complement your porcelain, do a search for farmhouse bathrooms and Scandinavian style bathrooms. 

Transform your bathroom and transform yourself

How long has it been since you’ve had a little you-time? For many, stress has been building and building over the past year. Without even knowing it, we may be damaging our mental and physical health, and we also have the tendency to take it out on those around us. 

Taking some time alone isn’t selfish. It will improve your health and your relationships. Even if you can’t escape the house, you can still create a little haven inside your home by turning your bathroom into a mini spa. 

Use some of the tips above and treat yourself to little time away from the world. It could be as easy as lighting a few candles and drawing a bath. I also highly recommend Soji Towels, especially if you live in a cold area. They’re so soft and snuggly that they bring a little luxury to every morning. And, they’re immune to germs and towel odours for life.

You can get Soji here for 50% off the retail price for a short while longer. If your current towels are looking a bit ragged, make the switch now. You won’t regret it! 

Learn more about Soji and get your set of towels now at sojitowel.com.


**This is a collaborative post with Soji.**

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