Monday 23 September 2019

44 Cats - Kids TV Series **REVIEW**

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Evelyn has never been one to sit still for long, in fact only recently has she started actually sitting to watch a whole tv program. We are still yet to manage a whole film but she is only 5 and films can be really long.

Most of the tv shows/cartoons she will watch contain animals of some kind, programs such as Spirit Riding Free and Paw Patrol. So when I recently heard about a new program to us that contained a loveable bunch of cats I knew she would love it.

44 Cats is an Italian series that follows four cats (Milady, Lampo, Pilou and Meatball) who split their time between singing in their feline band and standing up against the neighbourhood bullies. Each of the cats has a different look and character which is a lovely touch as lots of kids can relate to one of the cats.

Lampou - Lampou is the lead singer and guitarist in their band "The Buffycats". Lampou is a tabby cat who has a bright blue lightening bolt across one side of his face/eye. He also has whiskers which light up and act as a compass to guide him and his friends to where they need to go when danger is near.

Milady - Milady is a bassist in the groups band and is a cool cat. Her fir turns from grey to a pink/purple colour when someone tells a lie!

Pilou - Pilou is the smallest kitty of the group and looks absolutely adorable (she is Evelyn's favourite!). She is the drummer is the group and uses her big wide eyes and adorable looks to distract villain's.

Meatball - Meatball is the groups keyboard player. He comes across as a little bit silly and often scared of danger as he is great at sensing any dangers before anyone else. Meatball has a big appetite!

The show contains plenty of music and songs since the cats are all part of a band called The Buffycat's where each cat has a different role within the band (shared above). This was a big hit with Evelyn as she loves the chance to sing along or get up for a dance when the music comes on! Some of the songs are actually really catchy and fun.

Both James (aged 9) and Evelyn (aged 5) have enjoyed watching this show and we now have it to record so we can watch more of the series too. Its become one of their favourites to put on when they get home from school and I have to admit even I have been humming along to the opening song!

Each episode has an underlying message throughout in around the idea of kindness, friendship, diversity ad helping others which I think is a fantastic message to get across to our kids. The message comes across in a really relatable way for kids without being too obvious. Both the characters, stories and messages are relatable and relevant for kids and its a lovely series for kids to watch.

The 44 Cats TV series is currently available to view on Nick Jnr and more recently on Freeview via Channel POP TV. Each episode is around 10-15 minutes long so the perfect length for kids, like Evelyn who struggle to sit and watch for long periods of time too.

Have you seen any episodes of 44 Cats?


**This is a collaborative post which I received a fee for. However all words and opinions are my own.**

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