Friday 25 October 2019

James Is Off To Swim Camp!

This weekend James is off to swim camp! It will be the longest he has even been away from me and whilst he is full of excitement and happiness I am holding back the tears.

Its not that I'm not happy for him, but the thought of my baby boy being out there on his own with his swim group for a whole weekend, makes me realise that he is fast growing up and just how much I am going to miss him.

I have to admit that when we first heard about the trip, I had dismissed it all together. Assuming James wouldn't want to go, but boy was I wrong! As soon as he caught wind of such trip he was all up for the adventure. Even when I told him about the beyond busy schedule (6am wake up calls and 4+ hours of swimming a day) it didn't falter his enthusiasm about going. So of course I couldn't really say no and we agreed he could go.

I think it felt like so long away when I first signed the forms but this week it has crept up on me and today is the day, where on earth did that come from!? His bags are packed, his kit ready and he skipped off to school this morning joyfully telling me how he was going to tell his whole class where he was going this weekend.

I led in bed awake last night with a million questions whizzing in my head about this weekend. Would he be ok, what about if he isn't!?, will he cope with the huge amount of swimming, will he make new friends and the list goes on. But really I think the biggest thing for me is that this trip has made me realise that my baby boy is growing up. He turned 10 a few weeks ago and whilst he will always be my baby in my heart, actually he is becoming such a kind hearted independent little man.

Now I'm not saying I won't shed a little tear tonight when I go to tuck him in and realise he's tucked himself in at a hotel somewhere. But I am SO SO happy that he has had the courage, the enthusiasm and the determination to want to go to swim camp. That he is taking that initiative to really give his swimming skills a boost because its something he really loves.

He is so much braver and stronger than I ever was at his age and I am so proud of him! I can't wait for him to get back so I can hear all about his swimming adventures (and no doubt late nights with his mates!).

Have your children ever been away with a club or friends? How did you find it?



  1. Aww, good luck James. Swimming camp sounds like a great idea; I had swimming lessons as a child but I never learnt how to become a strong swimmer.

  2. As someone who went to training camps as a child, I really can say I would not want to miss these experiences. It really helped me to become more independent and grow

  3. Hope he has an amazing time. We have one in Majorca in the summer but not sure if Isaac has made the cut yet. Good luck young man

  4. Oh that's an amazing opportunity for him! I know what you mean though, it doesn't matter how old they are, you always miss them when they are away. My daughter has been in Belgium these past few days, and even though she's almost 15, I have missed her dreadfully! Hope he has a brilliant time! x

  5. My eldest has been away a couple of times with the school and clubs, however, my middle child suffers from selective eating disorder so he won't be able to participate in these types of things as he'd never eat anything

  6. I was a wreck the first time one of my children went away on a sports trip for the weekend. Now, it's fine - they really love it, and it gives me a wee break too! :)

  7. He is growing up so fast! What a big step for him, and for you! You must be so proud and I bet you cried!!

  8. I think it is only natural to have a degree of worry about your child going away. And tears too. But they always come back full of exciting stories and absolutely fine. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity and a great way of developing confidence.