Saturday 26 October 2019

Ricky Zoom on Nick Jr.

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This half term we have spent lots of time relaxing together, enjoying some good quality family time and giving us all a chance to recharge our batteries after a busy few months. The kids loved finding some fun new programs to watch, one of those being Ricky Zoom. 

Ricky Zoom is a new kids tv series from Entertainment One which is all about friendship, compassion, determination, and the community. The show's main character is Ricky Room, built for speed Ricky is a friendly red motorbike who shares his adventures and experiences alongside his other bike buddies, Loop, Scootio and DJ. 

Ricky and his friends live in Wheelford, a two-wheeled town perfectly adapted and tailor made for bikes just like Ricky and his pals. The town is a very close knit community and on the show it is clear to see that the town all come together to help Ricky become to best rescue bike he can be, just like his parents!

There are lots of fun and lovable characters that appear during the show, with a character for almost every child to relate to.

Toot Zoom - Always eager to get in on the fun, Toot Zoom is Ricky's younger sister and she loves to tell everyone funny and embarrassing stories about Ricky. 

Hank Zoom - Is Ricky's dad, a red adult motorcycle with blue eyes. He has a special job as a rescue bike and Ricky wants to be just like him when he grows up. 

Helen Zoom - Is Ricky's mother and together with Ricky's dad Hank they form a daring and brave team. They are always the first to respond to any emergency in the town. Helen is a orange bike with green eyes. 

Steel Awesome - Is Ricky's favourite movie and comic book superhero. He has lots of adoring fans (and he knows it!) Steel is the epitome of what a daring action bike can be and loves showing off by doing all of his own stunts. 

Blip Hoopla - Blip is a delivery bike and Loop's older brother. He has a lot to learn about being the best delivery bike around as he has a bit of a habit for losing things! 

Maxwell - He is at the heart of the community and runs the local garage. He is always on hand to provide anything a bike might need as well as all the latest news and gossip for Wheelford. Maxwell is also the leader of "Ramp Camp" where Ricky loves to go and have fun. 

Don Hoopla - Wheelford's mail man and Loops father, Don is a skilled off road bike and always ensures he gets the mail delivered come rain or shine!

The Rumblers - Della and Jake are DJ's parents and are well known in Wheelford for their sturdy steel frames and thick bumpy tyres. Together are responsible for constructing most of the buildings in Wheelford, but they are also great at demolishing things too. 

Officer Bunker - Wheelford's very own police bike, Officer Bunker keeps Wheelford safe and takes the highway code very seriously. Despite his tough and strict exterior when keeping the roads safe, he has a heart of gold and he loves sharing all of his knowledge and life lessons with the younger bikes. 

Mrs. Bikely - Entusiastic and kind, Mrs Bikely is the teacher in Wheelford. Her spirited and fun lessons and projects help the Bike Buddies develop their initiative, imagination, and independence.

Evelyn's favourite character is definitely Toot Zoom. She loves her cheeky little personality and just like Evelyn, she loves trying to get involved with everything her big brother is doing too!

Each episode has a message within it and is action packed full of fun, crazy stunts, adventure and stories of true friendship and community.

We have watched several episodes since finding the show and its been a hit with the kids, even I have the catchy theme tune stuck in my head! Ricky Zoom is a fun show which is perfect for preschool children aged 3-5 years. It encourages children to learn about a variety of different social situations they may face, encourages them to think for themselves an ways they can be independent. It also is great for sharing with children how they can work well as part of a team to achieve things.

Have you seen Ricky Zoom yet? If not you can catch this great new show every Saturday and Sunday on Nick Jr. 


**This is a collaborative post in which I received a fee for. However all words and opinions are my own.**

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