Tuesday 1 October 2019

One Dear World - Dolls For All

**AD - Review**

We live in a world full of diversity, full of different people, cultures and beliefs (which is pretty awesome right!?). But when it comes to our children's toys they seem to really lack the diversity that our world is full of.

But there are two people who want to change all of that, bringing out a range of soft toys and books full of diversity and celebrating differences. Winnie and Rafael are a multicultural family living in London. Winnie was born and bred in Hong Kong and Rafael is half French half Greek. When Winnie had her own son she realised that there was a real lack in diverse and multicultural dolls in the shops and so they were inspired to create their own and set up One Dear World

Their mission? Well that's simple - "To inspire children to be caring, curious and respectful to the world".

Their multicultural dolls were such a hit, however they were just the beginning because now Winnie and Rafael are expanding their collection and have designed a new set of dolls. These dolls represent a range of both visible and non visible disabilities, with 10% from the sale of each doll going to a charity that supports the dolls related disability.

Here are the dolls which will be available -

Evelyn has worn glasses for around 3 years now and whilst her vision problems aren't too severe, she still struggles and needs extra help with tasks like reading and writing as she struggles to see smaller writing. She also wears a patch every day which does make her feel self conscious sometimes, especially since starting school.

Winnie and Rafael very kindly sent Evelyn a Fei doll and she was so excited! With so many children and adults wearing glasses every day you would think there would be lots of dolls out there with glasses, however there really isn't. So Evelyn was thrilled to have a doll that wore glasses just like her.

Not only does Fei wear glasses but she also comes complete with her very own white cane which people with more serious sight problems often use.

Every doll has been carefully designed and is super soft to touch. Its easy to see that so much love and care has gone into designing and making these dolls with all the little details having been thought of. From facial features to clothes and even each dolls back story, the details have all been thought about. That's because when designing each doll, Winnie and Rafael made sure to speak to parents and carers of children with different conditions, professions in disability services, psychologists, speech therapists and early years professionals to ensure they got everything just right and accurate.

Each doll comes with an accompanying booklet which gives their name, place of birth and a short story about themselves, including a famous role model who experiences the same disability, and facts and further information on their disability. Evelyn really enjoyed getting to read all about Fei and we thought this was a lovely added touch in the box alongside the doll. 

We can't wait to see these dolls on the shelves and for children to be able to purchase a soft toy that represents them!

Would you love to see soft toys showing more diversity on the shelves?


**We received this soft toy for the purpose of this review. However all words and opinions are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Hi Jess :) Am really glad that there are such toys available now which are more inclusive of different races, cultures and abilities, it really is a brilliant initiative.

  2. I love that 10% from the sale of each doll goes to a related charity.
    Diversity is so important and all children should be able to see themselves represented in soft toys!

  3. I love how different all of the dolls look. I do think toys need to be made more diverse, but in a way where it's just normal and not marketed in a way of like 'look we have dolls which aren't white' x

  4. I love how diverse these dolls are! What a great idea and I love that 10% goes to the relevant charity!

  5. This is such an amazing incentive, I absolutely love it! It's an amazing thing that kids are being brought up with such inclusive views, makes my heart happy.

    Katie xoxo

  6. I love these dolls and think they are fab. We have something similar in our pre school.

  7. These are pretty dolls and just love how inclusive they are, my nephew would love these for sure and love that part of the sale goes to charity.