Sunday 29 September 2019

Ballerina Dreamer Doll **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

Evelyn absolutely loves to dance, whether its at home in front of the TV, at a friends birthday party or on holiday. You will often find her donning her best dress and breaking out some moves whenever she can. 

She especially loves ballet and has done ever since the pre-school she went to offered ballet lessons as part of her pre-school and when she got her first pair of ballet shoes there was no going back! So you can imagine how excited she was when a beautiful ballerina doll landed on our doorstep for her to test out. 

The Ballerina Dreamer doll is a twirling, pirouetting, music playing ballerina who loves to dance. She comes with a shimmering tutu outfit that, when you press her tummy lights up and sparkles, which of course Evelyn loves. The doll also comes with a pair of removeable purple ballet shoes and a purple crown that is permanently attached to the top of her head. 

Her crown is actually what helps her to move and is easily used by pressing down to make her twirl and pirouette or pull it up and she will shuffle her feet on tip toes. 

We have found that whilst the Ballerina Dreamer does work on both carpet and hard floor, she works much better or a smooth surface such as wood/tile floor or a table for example. 

Evelyn is 5 and after a quick demonstration on how to get the ballerina to work (pushing or pulling on the top of her crown) she was happily and easily playing with the doll all by herself. I love that its a toy she can activate herself and doesn't really have any fiddly settings or buttons.

The Ballerina Dreamer has lots of fantastic moves under her belt including twirling and pirouettes, shuffling her feet, doing the splits and even kicking her leg forward or backwards as she spins! Evelyn has had so much fun getting get to do all the moves and then trying to copy or rein act them afterwards. 

As well as all the dancing skills Ballerina Dreamer has she also has a beautiful tutu style dress that really lights up! The skirt of the dress lights up with dazzling white lights dotted around her tutu, these are activated by a small wire that connects to the body, this can be disconnected if needed.

Whilst the Ballerina Dreamer doll has been a big hit in our house I do have a few criticism's from a parent perspective. One being that the doll only fully works when in the "on" position which means the music continuously plays when the doll is in use. Its a pretty repetitive tune and fairly loud, with no option to turn the music off or down it can be a little tedious. I would love to see an option for the music to be on or off but still being able to use the dolls features regardless. 

Her hair is also quite fragile and thin and began falling out the first time my daughter brushed it. However this seems to be an issue with most dolls hair so isn't really a big issue. It is also worth noting too that as she is set to always be "on pointe" the ballerina doll can't actually stand alone, she can however sit unaided.  

However pushing that aside Evelyn absolutely loves the Ballerina Dreamer ballerina doll. Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw her in the box and they have danced, sang and twirled along together all weekend. 

The Ballerina Dreamer doll is priced at around £39.99 and is a great size doll for the price with several fun features. She is currently available from Smyths Toys and I can see her being a big hit this Christmas! 

Do you have any little dancers in your house who would love the Ballerina Dreamer Ballet dancer doll? 


**We received this product for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


  1. I think my tiny nieces would love this. As it won't be living in my house, I don't mind about the music not being able to be switched off at all! :D

  2. What a lovely doll! I can definitely see this being something Olivia enjoyed playing with!

  3. Ah my daughter used to love ballet so this would be right up her street. I do agree, I love toys that have a quiet option but this looks like a great play thing which would bring lots of fun.

  4. Ahh this is really cute! My kids love their dolls, and ballerinas too, I'm sure this would be on the top of their xmas list should they see it!

  5. Though little missy is too young right now but I know she would love this ballerina dancer, so cute.

  6. Aw what a cute looking doll...I love this! Would make a lovely Christmas gift for sure xx

  7. My DIL has bought this for 4yo and I thought I would buy some extra dolls' clothes for dress up fun. Is her dress removeable?

    1. Hey, aw it is such a lovely doll my daughter loves it so I am sure your 4yo will too! No unfortunately the dress is not removeable as there is a wire that is attached from the doll to her dress that makes the skirt of her dress light up. This means that you cannot change the clothes etc.