Thursday 21 November 2019

5 Ways I Am Getting Ready For The New Year

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With Christmas just around the corner most of us are in full planning mode. We have switched out our summer clothes for warm chunky knits and Christmas jumpers, our homes are full of tinsel and fairy lights and we have gifts for the kids hidden in every cupboard we can. But have you thought about New Year yet?

I'm not really one for making "resolutions" as such, but I do love setting myself a few little goals and plans for the New Year. Little things that can hopefully help me and my family have the best possibly year together rather than big resolutions. I find these really help me kick start the year the best way possible and so I thought I would share these with you in case they can help anyone else too.

So here are 5 ways I am getting ready for the new year ahead.

Plan, Plan, Plan.

I always feel better and more organised when I have a plan in place. I love writing a list and there is something so satisfying about ticking it off as I go that makes you feel like you have really accomplished something that day. In the new year I hope to do a lot more planning to keep me on track, I have even brought us a large family planning calendar so we can have all our plans in one place for everyone in the family.

Some other ways I hope to plan more in the new year including meal planning and then doing my food shop online so I am organised when it comes to meal times and I don't get sucked into buying unnecessary things in the shops! I am also going to create myself a work schedule, working from home is great but its also so easy to get side tracked so I am hoping a daily plan will keep me on track and a bit more productive.

Make Time For Me

I hold my hands up and admit that I honestly can't remember the last time I made to do something just for me, and then I wonder why I always feel so run down! I don't know why but I sometimes feel like I should be doing something when I think about doing something for me but I know that has to change, I can't be the best mum, wife, friend etc if I don't start looking after me too!

Nothing too extravagant (we are trying to save after all!) but just little things like making time to get my hair trimmed now and again, maybe go for a swim or even book myself in for a massage now and again. I am also going to ensure I make time to look after my health too as I am forever putting off appointments. So I will be booking in for my flu jab this side of Christmas but also making sure I book in to the doctors for an appointment I have been putting off and ensuring I book my routine dental appointment at somewhere like Cambridge dental and maybe even discus possible treatment options as my smile is something I have always disliked.

Start Saving 

This is something I have already started doing here and there this year, however next year I really want to step up my saving efforts along with my husband. This is because in the not too distant future we are hoping to buy our very first family home and so saving for a deposit is really important. But also because it would be nice to know we had a little buffer for those months I might not earn as much or an unexpected bill lands through our door.

I have seen a few "saving plans" around but I think we are going to open up a join account and then just put any "spare" money we have into it and hopefully it will soon start adding up into some decent savings. Otherwise when left in our banks those odd bits of spare money always seem to get dwindled away.

Eat, Drink, Sleep

Currently my eating and drinking habits leave a lot to be desired! I don't drink anywhere near the required amount of water, which in turn leaves me feeling bloated, tired and my skin is really suffering. My eating isn't much better, I chose to pick at things throughout the day, rarely eating breakfast or a decent lunch either.

I know this has to change! For both my health, mood and to save money too. Hopefully the planning I mentioned above will help with this too and I am also going to buy myself a reusable water bottle to try and encourage myself to drink more water even when I am on the go.

Book a Holiday

Its always nice having something to look forward too, especially after all the exciting build up from Christmas, January can feel like a bit of an anti climax right? But having something to look forward to even if its a few months down the line can give you that extra little boost to look forward too and keeping you going.

I think I am going to try and book a short break, maybe even just a little weekend away for me, hubby and the kids for around Easter time. Something nice and quiet, maybe near the seaside where we can all just chill out and spend some good quality time together away from work, school and stress! Plus if you book it now (or in the January sales) you can often find some cracking deals.

Do you make resolutions or set yourself any goals for the new year? If so let me know what yours are in the comments below.


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