Thursday 14 November 2019

Christmas Gift Guide For kids Under 8.

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Have your kids started there Christmas lists yet? Or maybe there are like mine who end up making several lists sending me into a complete frenzy a few days before Christmas, trying to find the gifts they have added to their lists that they never even mentioned before!

When looking for gifts for my kids I of course try and include some of the items on their lists but I also look for toys I know they will be able to use throughout the year. Toys they might not of thought of but I know they will totally love. Some funny and silly, some educational and some a bit random (but these usually end up being the ones they love the most!). 

Here is a list of some of the fantastic gift ideas I have found this year that are perfect for kids under 8. 

Pop Pop Hair Surprise - RRP £7.50

Pop Pop hair surprise is one of the latest surprise toys which not only contains surprises but also doubles up as a very cute, fully functional hair brush! But opening this surprise toy is complete different and unique to any we have come across. The handle twists off to become a spray bottle, then open up the brush to reveal the "pop pod" inside. You then use the spray bottle to spray the pod until it "pops", sounds fun right!?

Once you unroll your surprise you will find a pop hair pet inside, an adorable hair pet with super long hair that can be brushed and styled over and over again. There are over 8 ways to play and use your pop pop hair surprise making it a great stocking filler this Christmas.

My Little Pony Styling Head - RRP £9.99

All kids seem to go through that stage where they ask to do your hair or make up but this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash styling head could save you from lots of hair pulling and knots! It offers hours of Styling fun with the popular My Little Pony character, Rainbow Dash! There’s so many ways to style Rainbow Dash’s beautiful long mane of multi-coloured hair and decorate with the accessories that are included. You can even create your own necklaces using the accesories including in the box. 

This Rainbow Dash styling head comes with cutie mark stickers, a brush, beads and threader, hairbands, hair clips and necklace string.

Jooki Portable Music and Story Player - RRP £169.99

If your little ones loves having a boogie around the living room or listening to a story before bed or to relax, then the Jooki could be perfect for you. It is a portable music and story player that is perfectly designed to be used by kids. It is made with kids in mind and is sturdy, bright and safe to be handled even by little hands.

The Jooki player comes with 5 chunky colourful plastic characters, each of these can be preloaded with a playlist so all children need to do is place the character on the top of the Jooki player and it will play the assigned playlist. Uploading music etc is super easy and takes no time at all and it means your child can have their favourite songs at their fingertips all the time thanks to the Jooki!

Maped Helix Products - RRP Prices Vary

Whether its for school or home stationary gifts are both useful and fun and a great stocking filler idea too! These sets from Maped Helix are perfect for younger kids especially. The "my first colouring set" contains 12 crayons, 10 pens and a giant poster to colour in. All of the pends/crayons are a chunkier size so perfect for smaller hands too.

The Maped Creativ mini box is a small craft kit, perfect for kids age 4+. It contains everything you need to design and make your own mini monster money box, great for storing any pocket money in!

John Adams, Play Stuff Pooch Parlour - RRP £7.99

This cool set from John Adams is sure to be a hit this Christmas, it combines two of the most popular things for young kids, play dough and cute animals!

The set contains a non stick sturdy 3D play scene providing a bright, colourful and fun two sided play area to use with the play stuff dough. Also included are 3 tubs of dough as well as 6 different shapes and cutters to use within the set. What's more, when not is use everything folds up inside the case for easy storage too.

Stabilo Children's Stationary - RRP Prices Vary

Stationary makes a great stocking filler, especially when they are as fun and colourful as these gift ideas from Stabilo. The sweet friends mini highlighter pens will be a particular hit with younger children as they have very cute characters printed onto the pen.

Also available in the range are these chunky "Christmas edition" wooden colouring pencils that are easy to use and a great size for smaller hands to grab and use. They seem to be really highly pigmented so even a light scribble is really bright and colourful.

Live Butterfly Garden Kit - RRP £19.99 

If you are looking for a gift that is going to be loved by the kids but also educational too, how about this live butterfly garden set? It give kids the chance to watch their very own caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies and all from your own home.

The kit comes with a net and instructions on how to care for your butterflies, also included is a voucher which you need to send off to receive your live caterpillars. Once they arrive you can watch them grow, documenting each stage and eagerly awaiting the butterfly to emerge from the cocoon before being able to set them free into the wild.

Personalised "Goes to Sleep" Book - RRP £16.99

Books always seem to be a winner as gifts but even more so when they are personalised for the child, it just makes the story so much more fun and interesting when a child can relate to the characters or hear their own name in the story!

This wonderful book is called … Goes to Sleep and can be fully personalised, not only with your childs name but with how your child looks too! The character within the book can be adapted to look like your child, everything from skin colour, hair colour and even eye colour. There is even an option to add an image of your child inside the book to make it even more personal for them.

The “Goes To Sleep” book, written by George Berkowski and illustrated by Kasia Dudziuk initial discusses and reinforced bedtime routine. Before moving on to talking about all the wonderful dreams our children have with their amazing wild imaginations! The rhyming text within the book make it such a lovely story to read, especially perfect for bedtime. 

Zimpli Gelli Worlds Kits - RRP £14.99

What kids don't love slime, mess and gloop!? These kits tick all of those boxes but still keep all that mess contained thanks to the handy tray the set comes with. There are two sets to choose from, the dino pack and the fantasy pack with each set containing the inflatable tray, 5 packs of colourful gelli and 8 plastic figures (either dinosaurs or fairies & unicorns).

Kids can create their own fun gelli world for hours of fun and imaginative play.

Fuzzikins Pop Up School Playset - RRP 

Crafts sets seem to go down well with kids of all ages and are perfect for bringing out the creativeness in kids. The set contains a pop-up school which opens up to reveal three school sections, all with built-in furniture, the playground, the class room and the dining room. Inside the set are also 4 adorable characters (students!) a hamster, lamb, monkey, mouse and of course wise owl as the teacher. The school pop up can even be decorated with the pens and stickers included, there is even a fully functioning wipe board that can be used. 

These cute characters can then be coloured in with the pens provided so your child can draw on their own funky clothes or even a school uniform. The characters can be rinsed in warm water and dried when your child wants to change their design so the set can be played with time and time again. 

Playmobil "Marla in the Fairy Castle" and "Dels Food Truck" sets  - RRP £32.99 & £44.99

Playmobil is one of these toys that never seems to get old or boring and these new sets from " Playmobil the Movie" are sure to be a big hit this Christmas. The first set above conveys Marla in her ball gown and the Fairy Godmother in the Fairytale Castle. The set comes with lots of accessories, cute forest animals and even a unicorn to enrich play and of course can be used and combined with other playmobile sets too. 

The second set is the very recognisable "Dels Food Truck" again from the Playmobil movie. Inside the set you will find the large food truck as well as Marla and Del serving up burgers and burritos. There are loads of accessories inside which complete the truck and the attention to detail on both sets is absolutely amazing. There are even tiny little food boxes and a food menu to pop outside the truck to let passers by know what you are selling. 

Learning Resources Movin' Monkeys Building Set - RRP £46.00

Construction and building toys can be lots of fun and education too and this fantastic set from Learning Resources ticks all of those boxes and is perfect for kids under 8. This bumper set contains over 100 pieces including sturdy plastic gears, base pieces, monkey figures, plastic trees and vines. 

The set helps to develop fine motor skills as young learners piece the cogs and gears together and hone their understanding of cause and effect all whilst having fun and being creative. The colourful set is an ideal STEM and can be used by a child on their own or as a group of children together. With so many pieces and endless possibilities to create it will definitely keep boredom at bay.

Disney Frozen 2 Toddler Elsa Doll & Tea Set -  RRP £34.99

Unless you have been in hiding for the last few months then you will have seen that Frozen 2 is being released this November so of course the range of Frozen 2 toys that are now available are sure to be popular this Christmas.

There are a number of gift ideas in the Frozen 2 range this Christmas and one that really caught my eye, for younger kids especially was this Elsa doll. She comes complete in her beautiful ice queen outfit along with a tea set which consists of two cups, two saucers, two spoons and a teapot. Perfect for teddy bear picnics and lunch with dolls this would make a great gift for anyone who love have tea parties with there dolls and toys too! 

It doesn't matter how old it gets, persuading your child to wear a hat and gloves often feels impossible. However with these super cute, fluffy rainbow unicorn ear muffs, the struggle might just be over. 

Not only are they adorable but they combine rainbows AND unicorns whilst being practical in keeping little ears toasty warm in the winter. The soft faux fur covering makes them really soft and comfortable to wear without any rubbing or irritation and of course everyone needs a gold unicorn horn to wear. As they are bendy/flexible these ear muffs could easily a child from age 3 upwards. 

Pixie Belles - RRP £16.99

Has your child added a pet of some kind to their Christmas list this year (I know one of mine usually does!). Well if a pet isn't on the family agenda, how about one of these adorable Pixie Belles pets! Pixie Belles are a range of adorable interactive creatures that bring you love, light, and LOTS of fun movements, at home and on the go. 

Pixie Belles come with a heart-to-heart connection meaning you and your Pixie Belles will be inseparable! The kiss technology means your Pixie Belle is able to detect your cheek to give you a kiss when you hold it next to you. Pixie Belles are able to let you know their mood based on the colour of their light-up horn. They react to touch, motion, and sound, and if that wasn't enough their interchangeable tails can either be swapped with other Pixie Belles in your collection or worn as a bracelet, keyring or even as a hair accessory! 

Don't Rock the Boat Game - RRP 19.99

Ahoy matey, are you ready to take on the pirate challenge or will you be forced overboard? 

Games always go down well at Christmas and the great thing about games is that they can be enjoyed by everyone in the family all year long. The "Don't Rock the Boat" game is perfect for children aged 5+ and is suitable for 2-4 players. 

In this game players take it in turns to place different sized and weighted pieces on the boat, but be careful because if you rock the boat you lose! The game is lots of fun, fairly fast paced and minimal rules so really easily to follow and enjoy especially for younger children. 

Yeti in my Spaghetti Game - RRP £14.99

A Yeti in your spaghetti might not be something you see every day, but the aim of this game is to keep that yeti in your spaghetti! 

Players take it in turns to remove strands of spaghetti, trying their best not to knock the yeti from the top. If the yeti falls into the bowl, the player who knocked him in loses! The game is great fun for the whole family and is suitable for children aged 4 +, although I think even younger children could enjoy this game with some help and supervision. Two or more players can play along and since the game doesn't require any batteries it is really quick and easy to set up and get playing quickly. 

What is on your children's Christmas lists this year? Are there any idea's above that you think they would love?


**Some of the items featured within this post have been gifted to us for the purpose of inclusion in this post. However all words and opinions are my own.**


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