Saturday 16 November 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Over 8.

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Today we took the kids to watch our local Christmas parade and light switch on (check out my Instagram for a clip of the Father Christmas parade!) and it made me realise that Christmas is fast approaching, and I should really get going with my Christmas shopping!

As James gets older, I am definitely finding it harder and harder to find gift ideas for him as he is all about the game's consoles and the technology but I don't want all of his gifts to centre around that as he is still a kid who deep down loves toys and games really.

Below I have put together a list of gift ideas that are perfect for kids who a little bit older (ideally age 8 and up), from slime and poop to cameras and craft kits. Don't forget to let me know in the comments at the end what is on your children's Christmas list this year too and share your ideas.

The Hangrees Collectible Figures -  RRP £9.99 each.

The Hangrees are a new collectible that combines your favourite characters with slime, poop and outrageously hilarious parody names! Harry Potter has been renamed as "Harry Plopper" and the Ninja Mutant Turtles have become "Mutant Turds"!

But that isn't where the fun ends with these funny little collectibles, they also poop slime! Yep that's right every pack comes complete with everything you need to mix up your own slime and then make your character poop it out. The set also comes with a reusable container to store any slime you make so it can be used again and again too.

OranguTwang Game - RRP £19.99

Everyone loves a good game at Christmas, one the whole family can get involved with and that will have everyone laughing around the table after Christmas dinner, OranguTwang is a new game that will definitely have the whole family coming together to play. 

OranguTwang is a A fun game that will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Players take it in turns hanging fruit and jungle friends on the orangutan. But watch out because at some point Orangutan will be holding too much and he'll spring up and send the fruit and friends flying. But when... you won't know until it happens! The game is suitable for 2+ players and it doesn't require any batteries so is ready to play from the box. 

Stabilo Stationary - RRP Prices Vary 

Stationary makes a great gift at any time of the year, not only is it fun to use for crafting, writing, drawing and artwork but its also really useful for kids too for tasks in school and at home.

Stabilo are the go to for stationary for kids as they have a huge range of products from pens and pencils to stationary that can actually help you learn how to write to begin with. Above are a selection of products that I think would make great stocking fillers including this fine liner roll full of a rainbow colour selection of fine line pens all kept together in a striking orange pen roll. There are also these metallic pens which write perfectly on dark coloured paper or card with a fascinating metal shine! I think they are really unique and perfect for using the create interesting images.

Make Your Own Paper Globes Kit - RRP £9.99

It doesn't matter how old you are, when it comes to craft kits you really are never too old and with awesome craft kits like the one above its easy to see why! This make your own paper globes kit contains not one but two crafts.

One of the crafts enables you to create a world globe which you can colour in and then form into a globe to display. The second craft is a star glove when you can discover the constellations that light up the night sky across the globe. The kit also comes with two stands to display your globes once they are complete so you can admire your globes once they are finished.

Great White Shark Anatomy Model - RRP £26.99

Anatomy is fascinating isn't it and we all know that kids love something that is a little bit gruesome and a little bit weird. Well if that sounds like your child then this shark anatomy model kit might be the gift for them!

With this kit you can put together, piece by piece a complete anatomy model of a great white shark. The model includes both internal and external parts and is a great hands on way to teach about the internal structure of the great white shark. Of course it also looks pretty cool on display in any bedroom whilst being educational too. A must have for any kids who are fascinated by sharks, the ocean or anatomy in general, the detail that has gone into this model kit is very impressive too. The complete model measures approximately 30cm in length.

Nova Lava Lamp, Rainbow - RRP £24.99

If you grew up in the 90's no bedroom was complete without a funky lava lamp, but now these Lava lamps are making a come back and they are more mesmerising than ever! Not only do they look cool but they make a great night light too.

A combination of soothing floating shapes and captivating colour combinations really help you to feel relaxed and calm so a great tool or children who love to retreat to their room for their own space and to chill out. The Nova lava lamp measures approximately 38cm in height and comes with a UK plug.

Poems From a Green and Blue Planet, Hardback Book - RRP £14.99

Every Christmas I try to purchase a few new interesting books for the kids to read and discover throughout the following year and I try to choose books they wouldn't necessarily pick up themselves. We have found some great news books and authors the kids have enjoyed this way and I am hoping the book above may be one of those books!

Poems from a green and blue planet allows children to dive into this book full of poems and be taken on a journey across land, sea and skies. It includes lots of amazing poems from people such as Raymond Antrobus, Mona Arshi, Kate Tempest, Hollie McNish, Dean Atta, Sabrina Mahfouz and many more too. From Haikus and sonnets to sadness, joy and romantic this book contains a wide range of poems and styles to inspire and interest children of all ages and interests and will inspire a new love of our beautiful planet. 

Zimpli Kids Baff Bombz - RRP Prices Vary

Who doesn't love coming home from a long hard day and jumping into a warm bath, there is only one way to make it better in my opinion... popping in a Zimpli Baff Bombz character and watching the water transform.

Thee baff bombz from Zimpli are super fun and come in a range of designs and colours including the emoji poop shape, "slimon" character shape, hearts and the traditional round bath bomb shape. These bath fizzers are 100% safe on skin and non irritant, non toxic, stain free and preservative free so can be used worry free. They would make fantastic stocking fillers!

Polaroid POP, Instant Digital Camera - RRP £164.00

Kids nowadays are all about mobile phones, gadgets and technology so the new Polaroid POP which brings together the retro style with modern technology would make a fantastic gift for technology mad kids this Christmas.

The Polaroid POP is an amazing new camera which allows you to not only take photos on the go, but print them instantly too! The camera captures images with its 20 megapixel camera and then prints them in 3.5 x 4.25" full colour polaroid style prints. The camera can quickly and easily connect to a mobile device turning into an instant printer wherever you are. Buts that's not all, the Polaroid POP also offers 1080p full HD video recording capabilities and all in a handy pocket sized camera.

The polaroid style prints are perfect for creating scrap books, pinning on boards or just keeping for memories and since you can print easily and instantly there is no longer the need to have phones full to the brim of images you can't print when you want.

Over the last year or two L.O.L Surprise dolls have become a huge hit and some of the collections of these dolls I have seen have been absolutely amazing. Whilst the dolls you can collect are amazing, what about being able to create your very own, one of a kind unique doll? Well the L.O.L Surprise DIY Glitter Surprise Factory allows children to do exactly that and makes a fantastic Christmas present for any L.O.L Surprise fan.

The DIY Glitter surprise factory contains everything your child needs to create their own unique doll. The kit comes with 4 pots of glitter, 4 pots of fuzz, an exclusive doll, 2 outfits, an accessory, shoes, a mannequin, glue and 4 brushes. Once you have customised the doll included the set can also be used to customise and accessories your child's existing collection of dolls, pets and outfits too. 

Sing It Karaoke Microphone and Speaker - RRP £39.00

Do you have a future little pop star or actor in your home? Well if so they will absolutely love this sing along microphone with built in speaker. 

Kids can bring out their inner rock star, or Whitney as they sing along using the Sing It microphone from Smiggle. The microphone simple connect to any laptop, mobile phone or tablet either via the AUX cable or Bluetooth and then your child can sing along to any song they wish. 

The microphone itself is a really good size and feels super sturdy. It looks just like a professional microphone with the added addition on the colourful speaker area around the middle which plays out the chosen music. Suitable for children aged 6+. 

Smiggle A5 Light Up Alphabet Notebook - RRP £13.50

Stationary always goes down well at Christmas, but personalised stationary gives that extra special little touch. 

This rainbow coloured, fully glitter A5 size notebook not only can be personalised with any letter of your choice on the front, but it lights up too!! The batteries are included already and the notebook itself contains 80 pages ready to be filled with diary entries, doodles and stories. 

Pull My Finger Game - RRP £14.99

Are you looking for a game that will have everyone in fits of giggles after your Christmas dinner? If so Pull My Finger might just be the game for you, its hilariously funny and perfect for the whole family to play along. 

To play each player takes it in turns to Spin the banana spinner, then depending on which number you land on, you will then need to pull the Monkey’s finger and watch as his butt inflates with each pull! But how big will his butt get? How long can he hold it in? At some point the fart will escape, but you need to avoid the fart to be crowned the winner! 

A great game for the whole family and sure to provide plenty of laughter and giggles. This game is suitable for children aged 4 + and two or more players. 

Thorntons Chocolate Christmas Models - RRP £8.00 (each)

Every child loves to find chocolate under the tree on Christmas morning and these festive characters from Thornton's are both delicious AND cute! 

There are four different characters available include reindeer, polar bear, elf and Father Christmas. They are made from either milk or white chocolate depending on which character you choose, and all have colourful details such as the reindeers bell and the polar bears scarf. 

What's more you can currently pick up these delicious festive characters from Thornton's in their 3 for 2 offers meaning when you buy 3 you get one completely free! Plus, if you want to make your chocolate even more special you can add a personalised message/name on your chosen character for free too. 

What have your children asked for this Christmas? Do any of the gift ideas above catch your eye for your children this year?


**Some of the products featured within this guide were gifted for the purpose of inclusion in this post. However all words and opinions are my own.**


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