Tuesday 10 December 2019

Displaying Our Memories with My-Picture.co.uk

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I love taking pictures and I love looking back at them years later even more. There is just something so precious about being able to capture a moment in an image and be able to look back at it in years to come and still be able to feel that day in your mind. The sand in your toes or the waves crashing around you, the sun on your skin or a family member who might not be here any more. 

Photos are more than just pictures for me and whilst I love taking them, I hold my hands up and admit I am rubbish when it comes to printing them out or displaying them as much as I should! So when the lovely people over at My-Picture.co.uk asked if I would love to give them a try I knew it would be a great chance to get some of the memories I had captured made into canvases to display. 

If you haven't heard of My-Picture.co.uk, they are a photo printing service who aim to bring you the very best quality photo products at a great price too. They offer photo printing on everything from high quality canvas, aluminium, wood and acrylic as well as framed prints and photo gifts such as mugs, puzzles and even personalised cushions.

Since I have so many pictures I wanted to print, I decided to go for the MIXPIX® tiles. MIXPIX® tiles are made from a lightweight foam core and thanks to being so lightweight, and the adhesive Tesa tape, they will stick to almost any surface without the need for drilling or nails. As we rent this sounded perfect for us as we try to avoid hanging to many pictures with nails into the walls. 

When the tiles arrived I was immediately taken back by just how light they were! However despite feeling super light, the quality on these tiles was amazing. The colours really popped and none of the image quality had been lost in printing at all. 

The MIXPIX® tiles measure 20cm by 20cm and are just over 1cm in thickness making them a great size to create lovely collage displays on any wall. Thanks to the Tesa tape you can mix up your photos and change them around as much as you please. The tape stays sticky to enable you to remove and move around the tiles. I did find however that the tape became less sticky each time so it may be worth applying a little more of your own tape if you wanted to keep moving them regularly. 

MIXPIX® tiles would make a great gift idea starting at around £5 per tile, as well as being the perfect way to redecorate any room with minimal effort or fuss, great if you rent or don't want to damage walls or wallpaper by hanging nails or hooks. I love how easy the tiles were to hang and that they sit completely flush to the wall too. 
I was so impressed with our tiles, both the quality and vibrancy of the images. Sometimes the quality of an image can be effected by printing however that definitely wasn't the case here and the finished tiles has a slight gloss feel finish to them which finished off the images perfectly. 

Are looking to get some of your own images printed, or perhaps you are looking for that perfect gift for a family member or friend? Well right now, if you use the code TANTRUMSTOSMILES you could receive up to 5 free* MIXPIX® tile pictures from my-picture.co.uk. To acquire your free print, go to My-Picture.co.uk/mixpix, upload your desired photos and enter the name TANTRUMSTOSMILES during the checkout. The more you buy the more you get free!  

Do you have any pictures would like to get printed? Or perhaps you know someone who would love some of these tiles for their own home! 


*To acquire your free print, go to www.my-picture.co.uk/mixpix/, upload your desired photos and enter the name TANTRUMSTOSMILES during the checkout. The more you buy the more you get free!*

**This is a collaborative post in which I received a fee. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**


  1. What a lovely way to display photos. They look so simple yet effective! They would make lovely Christmas gifts too!

  2. I love having printed photos and displaying them, I do love canvas prints and these look great I am off to find out more

  3. I love the idea of the MIXPIX® tiles perfect for creating a photo gallery to showcase all the favourite family snaps

  4. I take so many photos, but I rarely print them out or display them. I really really love these - I will have to get some of these.

  5. I think this is an excellent way to display photos! MIXPIX tiles makes perfect sense for displaying memories, as well as freeing up space.

  6. I love prints like these! they look great as tiles :D I am terrible at putting up photos and so maybe I will look into this as as easy way to make myself get some printed.

  7. I really should make an effort of displaying my pictures. This is such a great idea for family pictures.

  8. The photos are absolutely beautiful and the tiles seem like a great way of displaying them! My in laws have just moved house hundreds of miles away so I am hoping to get some similar items made up for them.

  9. I take lots of photographs but rarely display them, I really should make more of an effort to do so. Love the look of these tiles and the quality of the print.

  10. They're really nice, I'm going to check it out as I adore having photos all over my house! You picked great ones with lots of colour. Mich x

  11. Ahh, these are fabulous! I might create a collage of the cats on my wall, haha!!

    Katie xoxo

  12. Those tiles look so awesome and imagine all the memories you could hang up the wall. MIXPIX tiles sounds like a great idea to do.

  13. The tiles look great. What lovely pictures as well. They really look good for decorations around the house.