Tuesday 10 December 2019

Top 5 Window Colours for 2020

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Adding colour to your home is something we all tend to do when it comes to our décor inside, but what about when it comes to the outside? Coloured doors are becoming more popular, but the windows are a great feature to show off with colour too. Here are the top 5 window colours that you should be thinking about having for 2020. 

Black windows 

Black framed windows have been a recent popular choice but one that’s set to make its mark in the new year is the matte black. Matte colours have been a big trend mostly within the beauty industry but have since started making its way over to a lot of home décor and now for windows. This colour is great for blending into both the interior and exterior of your home and can add a modern touch to your home. The boldness of this shade will help any property stand out from the crowd, and with that matte effect, you’ve got something that looks effortless and will last. If you’re going for black on the windows, then make sure you’re complimenting this shade with a fairly lighter colour of blinds or curtains. Going too bright with a white though might make it stand out too much. 

Grey windows 

With coloured casement windows, it’s possible to get any sort of colour that you wish to have. And if black is a little too out there for you, then it might be worth going for a subtler version in light grey. As it’s a little more subdued, this tends to be a popular option for many who want to add that touch of sophistication. Grey entrance doors tend to be one of the best-selling, as well as the iconic post-box red. The light grey colouring is not your typical grey tone, but it’s a variation that works well to very slightly highlight the window frames around the home. It’s also a great way to distinguish colour between any neutral walls you have to the inside of the window frame. 

Blue windows 

Wanting something a little more regal? Then a blue might be something that’s more to your taste. Again, it’s a shade that’s like your grey and black, but this one adds a wash of colour that might be a little more interesting to look at. To make it stand out more, get creative with your outdoor lighting and place them directly underneath your windows. That way, it’ll illuminate the colour and allows you to show it off at night-time too.  

Chartwell Green 

Colours that stand out in a good way can really transform the overall look of your home. Chartwell Green is a great muted green that adds a touch of colour without looking too garish. This type of colour will suit smaller-sized properties and more of the older homes than ones that are new builds. If you like to colour green, then another popular colour is Emerald Green. This is one that’s regularly used amongst a lot of fashion and home decor pieces, but a few homes are starting to show this shade off more. 

English Oak windows 

And finally, if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more rustic, then English Oak may be a perfect choice. Timber effect windows compliment neutral wall colours very well both on the inside and outside. The best part of these windows is that they don’t rot or warp over time and require minimal maintenance. This type of window colour is great for the older homes but can also help add a little ageing to new properties that want to have a touch of the rustic in their home. That rustic style also goes well with potted flowers which can help bring a pop of colour to any window. You can turn to MyGlobalFlowers to pick up a good flower option. The company can organize flower delivery to Israel, to your home or any spot in the world.

In 2020, the standard white isn’t the only option for homeowners and there is a wide colour palette to choose from. Whether you go traditional with English Oak or try a more subdued colour like grey or black, give your windows the transformation that they might be after to add value to your home in the new year. 

Which of the window styles above would you like for your home? 


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