Sunday 8 December 2019

Gender Reveal Party Checklist!

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Are you planning a 2020 gender reveal party? If so, Congratulations! I imagine that your main aim is to make the day as magical, unforgettable and special as possible whilst having the whole day run as smoothly as possible. The venue you choose to host such an event and the way you decorate it will play a huge part in this which isn't to be underestimated. 

So, to help you plan the day and make is as memorable as possible, I've put together simple gender reveal party checklist to help you out so all you will need to do is pick your outfit for the event, pink or blue?! 


So, first thing is first: where are you holding event? 

The best thing about the use of decorations is that, actually, really, it doesn’t matter – a church hall or a cricket club, a leisure centre or the local pub – the power of decorations will enable you to transform the space into something magical for you and your loved ones.  

Many people decide to have some guests over at their own home, which is wonderful, but if you’re wanting to make the occasion a bit more high-key, or you have a large family or circle of friends, you should ensure that the venue you ultimately select has the potential to meet the visions you have set. For example, if you’re local to County Durham and you’re thinking: “hmmm, where is the best party venue for hire near me?”, Chester-le-Street Cricket Club is a great option, and you can decorate their function suites however you feel necessary! 


When thinking about decorations, firstly you should decide on a theme. Whether that be a colour scheme, character or setting, this will help you know where to start when it comes to decorating. 

Jenna Hodgson-Silke, in an article about the similar topic of christenings, on The Lifestyle is Calling site, has recalled following this particular styling-colour strategy for the christening of her baby. She insists that the styling process is eased "as you can instantly refine your choices based on their fit with the palette", adding that "we chose dark and light teal, white and coral." 

Now – decoration time! If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you’ll have probably seen an influx of people posing underneath a magnificent balloon arch – people tend to go for pink when expecting a girl and blue if a boy, but hey! We’re almost in 2020 so choose whichever colour you like.  

If you follow another one of Jenna's examples, you could include confetti-filled balloons to add a special touch to the scene. If this is how you’re choosing to reveal your gender, and there are many different ways now since this trend has grown, you could have an opaque balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti (or, again, whichever colour you like!) When the time comes to reveal the gender of the baby, you’re due to have, it makes for great fun when popping them at the end of the celebrations!

Depending on where you’ve chosen to host your ceremony, you may need to tidy it all up after. Still though, which is worth remembering when considering the time, you will need to hire the venue for! 


When the big day finally arrives, you have to make it a priority to take loads and loads of pictures! Both to share with people who maybe couldn't make the day, but also to keep as memories for you too. It’s hard to imagine yourself even having the time to do so once the guests have arrived and you’re exhausted and making sure everyone is having a great time.  

In saying that, encourage your guests to take the pictures for! Put one person on ‘Instagram duty’ – even if you don’t use social media, these are pictures that you’re going to want to keep safe for the rest of your life.

The Big Reveal 

Of course, the whole reason you are throwing the party in the first place, the big reveal. For most people this is done by a close friend or relative who will have received the babies' gender in a secret envelope in order to prepare the gender reveal surprise. 

Whichever way you chose to do your reveal make sure that you have everything prepared and someone is ready to capture the moment for you on video or in images. 

Did you have a gender reveal party when you were pregnant? I would love to hear how to decide to reveal the gender to your friends and family if so! Let me know in the comments below. 


**This is a collaborative post in which I received a fee.** 

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