Tuesday 14 September 2021

Finding the Perfect Dress for Any Occasion

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With big events, gatherings and celebrations getting the go ahead once again it seems there are so many invites landing on people's doorsteps. From rearranged weddings, birthday celebrations or just parties to get together with much loved and missed friends, lots of us will have something in the diary. But after almost two years of comfy loungewear and not leaving the house, we now have to worry about finding the perfect outfit. 

Below I am sharing some tips and things to consider when choosing what to wear for any event or upcoming occasion. From choosing a suitable style and colour to matching accessories, keep reading below to find out how you can find the perfect dress for any occasion. 

What type of event is it? 

One of the first things to consider when choosing what to wear is what type of event are you actually going to be attending? Will it be formal or informal? Day or night time? There is a huge difference between choosing an outfit for a party or a festival to choosing something suitable for a wedding or formal meal. If you have received an invite of some kind it will usually also say here whether there is a dress code and if so what it is. 


Where is the event being held? 

Another important thing to consider is where (and when) the event is being held. If it is outdoors or is a field/potentially muddy area, you may wish to reconsider wearing something white or pale coloured that could easily get dirty. Plus where an event is held can also effect the footwear you choose too, which in turn can also mean certain outfits then become unsuitable too. The same can be said for when the event is held too, if an event if held outdoors in the summer you are going to want to consider the heat so nothing too heavy, or dark that will make you hot and uncomfortable. But equally if all or some on an event is held outdoors in what could be a colder time of year, remember to bring something such as a jacket, cardigan or shawl to cover your shoulders and keep you warm. 

Is there a colour scheme (or colours to avoid)? 

Many events will have some of theme or colour scheme and it is important to consider if this may effect your outfit choices. This can be especially important at events such as a wedding, you don't want to turn up in the same colour as the bridesmaids and of course white dresses are a big no no! The same can be said for special events such as baby gender reveals (some expecting parents may ask guests to wear either pink or blue etc). If there is a colour scheme in place try to choose an outfit that complements this but doesn't clash or look the same. 


Comfort or style? (you can have both!)

People often think that when it comes to looking good we have to choose between comfort and style, but that just isn't true. When choosing your outfit looking and feeling good are equally important and if you are stuck in a dress you feel uncomfortable in all day you just won't be able to enjoy yourself. Be sure to try your full outfit on before you go to you can figure out any uncomfortable areas beforehand and deal with them. For example if you have a sleeveless dress but feel uncomfortable with your arms being out, pair it with a bolero or jacket. If you have new heels that you know are going to rub your feet, pop a pair of pumps or sandals in your bag to slip into later. Its also worth practicing sitting, standing (and dancing if this might happen), nobody wants to get to an event only to realise they can barely sit down! 

Don't forget to add a touch of you to your outfit

If you are opting for something simply such as your favourite little black dress why not add some fun accessories, or bright shoes etc to really make your dress stand out and a some of your own personality to the outfit. There are so many styles of dress to choose from too that can really reflect who you are from the mini dress for those who are confident and want to show a little more skin, to the maxi dress which has a beautiful floaty feel and can help cover up any insecurities whilst looking beautifully dreamy. If a dress really isn't your thing you could always try pairing a beautiful top with some fitted trousers or denim shorts for a more relaxed event.


Hopefully the above tips will help when it comes to choosing your outfit for the next big event, party or function. But remember the most important thing to remember is to make sure you are happy, confident and care free. 

How do you find outfits for different occasions? Do you have some staples in your wardrobe you pull out each time or do you love buying new outfits of each event? 


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