Tuesday 14 September 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Giving Wooden Gifts

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Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas or another special occasion, when we purchase gifts for family, friends and loved ones we want it to be something special. A gift that really conveys to them how special they are to us and that will last for years to come. While there are many types of gifts out there for all occasions, one gift idea that often gets overlooked is handcrafted wooden gifts. However, wooden gifts make the perfect gift idea since they are handcrafted with love and care as well as being a gift that will last and are something a little different. 

But why pick a wooden gift...? 

It can be overwhelming how many options are out there for gift ideas, so you may be wondering why you should consider a wooden product. Not only are they beautifully made, but they also last a long time too. Thanks to this, the wooden pieces can be passed down through generations of family members or friends or be kept as collectables.

Choosing wood over plastic is of course a much more environmentally friendly option too. This should especially be considered if you are buying for someone who tries to be more environmentally friendly or who loves eco-friendly products. For these people, a wooden gift is always going to be a great choice over plastic as it shows you have really considered their personal life choices. Not to mention when you purchase a handcrafted wooden gift you are supporting a skilled craftsperson who has perfected their skills over the years to create such amazing products. 

Many regions in Germany are famous for handcrafted wooden products where this craftsmanship shines through — the Erzgebirge and the Black Forest are just a few. With skills passed down through generations, they make products such as candle arches, figurines, incense smokers and special Christmas items such as beautifully crafted nutcrackers and Christmas pyramids, which are all made by hand. The Black Forest is famous for its authentic German cuckoo clocks. You can see every little detail that has gone into creating each individual piece, making each one special, collectible and the perfect gift idea. 

There is something for everyone at Erzgebirge.co.uk like unique gift ideas all made by hand in Germany. Their Christmas range includes handcrafted wooden festive figurines that are incense smokers (Father Christmas, snowman etc) and Christmas pyramids and arches that light up the room and get everyone in the festive mood. Some other lovely gift ideas are the German weather house below that would look great on your garden balcony or a fantastic music box. 

If you are buying a gift for a child there are many other benefits in wooden gifts and toys. This includes the majority of wooden gifts being non-toxic (perfect for toddlers and younger children who like to put toys into their mouth) as well as being hard wearing, durable and long-lasting. In fact, many parents will actually find that wooden toys last so well and remain in really good condition that these can be passed down to children or even grandchildren. 

Price can be a big sticking point when it comes to gifts and I think this is often a reason people pass over handcrafted wooden gifts as an option. However, wooden products can be found really reasonably priced. It is just about shopping around and remembering that a gift doesn't need to be huge to be significant. Sometimes it is the thought that has gone into choosing it over the size of the gift. I have seen some really beautiful smaller wooden figurines that are so detailed and have cost under £20! 

Have you ever considered gifting a unique wooden gift to a friend or loved one or have you perhaps received a beautiful wooden gift? Let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. I love wooden gifts, we have a little weather house which my Mum loves to argue with when the man is out as it means rain. I do opt for wood over plastic when I can

  2. You can find some amazing wooden gifts especially for children. I love that they are eco-friendly and that they are longer lasting so can be enjoyed by other children long after yours are grown.

  3. Some of my most cherished gifts are wooden gifts! Same for the kids - stuff they were given as a baby that they still love now. Wooden gifts are always great to gift.

  4. Honestly I love wooden gifts, there is something special about them the way look and feel and they just last and last!