Tuesday 14 September 2021

Why Choose a Cruise For Your Next Family Holiday?

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Holiday's back on the cards and more places opening up to visitors every month, we can but hope it continues to stay this way moving forward. Many people, myself included are desperate to get back to planning our next family holiday and make up for all those missed adventures. And if the last 18 months or so has taught us anything it is just how precious time is, family is and how much we take for granted. The simple things like being able to go on holiday and the freedom to explore all of the beautiful places in the world.  

One way to see and explore the world is a cruise, but for some reason these often get overlooked when it comes to planning a family trip. But there are so many great reasons to consider a cruise and with new destinations being introduced all the time and new cruise lines rising such as Ambassador Cruise Line, cruising is now more accessible to so many. Within this post I want to talk to you about some of the reasons why you should consider a cruise for your next family holiday and why they make such great holidays for families of all ages.

See more of the world  

As a family, naturally you will probably all have a variety of places you would love to visit, but those destinations might not always be the same. But that is where cruising really tops most other holiday options because it really allows you to visit a variety of places all in one trip. Whether its different ports in one country, different islands or lots of different places such as a cruise around Europe allowing you to visit many different countries. 

Of course where you visit and how long you get in each place will depend on the cruise you book but with so many cruises out there, you are sure to find one with something for the whole family. Plus the great thing about cruising is you may stop at a port you had never thought about visiting before and fall in love with it. It introduces you to new places, cities and countries, plus if you really don't feel like visiting somewhere you can always stay on board the ship and skip a destination.

Activities for every age group 

I think until you step foot onto a cruise ships its hard to truly imagine the size scale of these ships and know just how much is on them. One thing cruise ships are renowned for is there amazing entertainment and activities and that is another reason why they are perfect for families looking for a great time and family adventures. Across a family friendly cruise ship you will find a whole host of activities for adults, kids and the whole family to get stuck into. 

There are kids clubs that are run by fully qualified staff who know exactly how to get kids having fun and smiling. These allow parents to enjoy some time by the pool or a drink or two in the bar. But if you are looking for something to do together you won't be disappointed on board a cruise ship. From day time to evening there is something going on from bingo, quizzes, comedians and sometimes even theatre style shows to swimming pools with huge slides and shoots and a whole host of sport activities, games and fun on offer. Nobody will have time to feel board when your on a cruise between stopping at destinations and on board activities it will certainly be a fun packed time.

No flight delays, traffic jams or uncomfortable journeys

What many people love about cruising is how easy it is. It really is as simple as parking the car, walking a short distance to the ship and often your luggage is even taken to your cabin for you. Meaning once on board that is it, no traffic jams, lengthy waits at the airport (and then long walks with your luggage to the correct gate) and more importantly no more "are we there yet" from the kids. After all nobody wants to start their holiday stressed and cruising really allows you all to relax as soon as you step aboard the ship. No cooking, cleaning or worrying about keeping the kids entertained, everything is thought out for you to make your trip as easy and relaxing as possible. 

Accommodation to suit most budgets

Cost is always a big point to consider when it comes to booking a holiday of any kind and this can sometimes be why people think they can't do a family cruise. However it is always worth remembering that there are lots of different cruises, cruise liners and destinations so the chances are there will be a cruise suitable its just finding the right one. If you are on a budget looking for slightly cheaper accommodation such as those without a balcony or window, you will likely only use your room for sleeping anyway! 

It is also worth remembering that the prices you see when booking a cruise will usually be all inclusive so this price not only pays for your holiday and travel but your food and drinks too. If you add up all these costs for a different holiday you will probably see that you actually could end up spending less on a cruise! 

People often think cruises are for couples, or an older generation but there are so many cruises out there now designed with families in mind. They cater to all ages, all likes and dislikes and with cruises now going to so many destinations across the world there is no reason not to give cruising a go for your next holiday! 

Would you consider a family cruise for your next holiday? Let me know where you would love to cruise too in the comments below. 


**This is a collaborative post.**

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