Monday 19 April 2021

Keeping the Kids Entertained on Long Road Trips

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With restrictions slowly lifting and travel looking more and more likely to be allowed this summer, many of us have turned our attention to planning family holidays and day trips. We have so many beautiful places to explore right here in the UK we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to go and things to see. There are also lots of different ways to see them. From trains, coaches and public transport to driving yourself, but one thing that they all have in common is having to keep the kids entertained on the trip! 

We have all been there, 10 minutes into a several hour trip and the kids ask "are we nearly there yet" and it never really stops until you get to your destination! I think we can all relate as even as adults we can find long trips boring and a little tedious, especially if there is a lot of straight roads or motorway! So below I have shared some of our top tips on keeping the kids happy and entertained on long car trips.

Snacks & Drinks 

All parents will know that the key to keeping kids happy is often through snacks! This is something we all learn at a very early stage and honestly it never really ends. Before we head out on any longish journey we make sure that the kids have plenty of cold drinks and a few (non sticky, non spilling!) snacks. Small Tupperware style tubs can be perfect for car snacks and minimise the amount of rubbish in the car too. 

Some of our favourite road trip snacks including things such as crisps, popcorn, pretzels, sliced and peeled fruit, raisins, and a few of their favourite sweets (not chocolate, it melts quickly in a warm car!). 

Travel Games 

If your children are slightly older and are old enough to be able to play games such as battle ships, snakes and ladders or even noughts and crosses, travel games are a great idea. Lots of companies and even toy stores sell these now, they are often compact and magnetic so that pieces don't get lost in the car! The fab thing about these is they are small and compact so won't take up much room but also that whilst they are perfect for the car, they can also be used when you reach your destination too. 

Utilise Technology 

Technology is everywhere in our day to day lives so why not utilise it for long car journeys too? From tablets and phones to in car DVD players and portable games consoles, they can all be used to help keep the kids from complete boredom on long trips. Consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or the PSP can be charged up and brought along on any trips. There charge seems to last a fair while and they come with some fantastic games that kids will love, you can even find some educational games too so they be learning as they play. 

There are also devices such as tablets and phones which can be preloaded with games, programs or music for kids to listen too. Or of course if you are taking your own car and your kids love films, an in car DVD player can be a great option, just remember to bring headphones for the kids so you don't have to listen too if you prefer the peace and quiet on a trip! 

Sticker Books & Magic Colouring Books 

For younger kids stickers books are a great option, I mean all kids love stickers right? My daughter particularly likes the sticker books where the pages contain people and then the stickers all all clothes so you dress the people up with the sticker clothes. They are so much fun and no mess either as no need for and pens etc. Another mess free option are the magic colouring books and pages, I know Crayola do some great packs of these but I am sure there are other great brands out their too. These are "magic" because you actually just use a pen containing small amounts of water which acts as a brush. As kids "brush/draw" onto the page with the water pen it brings the picture to life, full of bright vibrant colours! Both of these are lots of fun, will keep the kids entertained, low cost and no mess, its a win win. 

Books/Audio Books

Books are such a classic and if you have a little avid reader then they can be the perfect way to keep little minds occupied on a long journey. Maybe let them pick a new book they are excited to read, or dig out an old classic, either way once you get lost in a good book you can spend so much time reading it. Of course not everyone likes to read books on a journey and for some people it can make them feel a bit sick. If this is the case, why not try downloading some audiobooks, this way kids can still enjoy the story but without having to actually focus on a book in their hands. 

Some of our favourite trips have been to places such as Cornwall and Wales, all of which have beautiful views out of the window as you get near by and of course you can't forget the good old classics, who can spot the sea first and I spy! 

With so many great places to explore here in the UK the only thing you need to decide is where to go and how to get there. Of course a car is the obvious choice (you could even borrow or hire a car and purchase weekend car insurance for a quick break). But there are also options such as coaches or even trains now which take you on beautiful scenic routes that you can admire as you go. 

So next time you hit the road, hopefully some of these handy tips will be useful. How do you keep your kids entertained on long journeys or road trips? Let me know in the comments below. 


**This is a collaborative post**

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