Monday 19 April 2021

Family Travel in the UK with a Bailey of Bristol Motorhome

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I know I'm not alone in saying how much I am looking forward to restrictions slowly lifting and even more so about the possibility to be able to travel a little further than our local area. Of course, it must be done with caution and we cannot forget to stay safe, wear masks etc. and use our common sense. But after cancelled holidays and missed trips last year, I'm really looking forward to exploring with the kids more this year. In fact, the break has made me realise just how much we love and appreciate our holidays even more! 

Whilst restrictions are lifting, travelling abroad still has a huge question mark hanging over it and we already know there will be many countries we cannot travel to. But honestly, we have so many fantastic spaces right on our doorstep, so I am more than happy sticking with the beautiful UK for all our holidays this year! There is something for everyone from stunning beaches to action-packed holiday resorts all here in the UK. And the best way to see them all has to be a motorhome: a home from home on wheels that can travel up and down the country in comfort and style. 

As a family of four, we have been considering owning our very own motorhome for exploring and adventures someday. The Bailey of Bristol website has a fantastic range of styles to suit all tastes, and one of our favourites has to be the Adamo 75-4I. It combines style with practicality and comes equipped with everything a family might need when travelling. Especially as we would love to travel to some more secluded places such as the Lake District. 

Some of the features that really stood out to us were firstly, just how comfy and cosy it looks inside! The lounge sofas are made using premium quality fabrics, as well as high-density foam. Even the driver and passenger seats are fully adjustable with upholstered armrests. This motorhome really has comfort in mind which is a big selling point for us as a family. 

Of course, when you think about buying a motorhome, another big issue is practicality. You want something that is practical and functional for your whole family. The Adamo 75-4I has this covered though with simple yet effective touches such as dual shaped wardrobes to maximise bed space (as parents we know exactly how many clothes kids will need on holiday!). There is also plenty of storage with various storage cupboards and spaces throughout including in the entrance and the bathroom too. 

When travelling, cooking can also be another deciding factor, especially when you have kids to think about. But the Adamo 75-4I comes fully equipped with a Thetford 141 litre combined tower fridge with a freezer compartment. It is also fitted with a Thetford 'K-Series' combined oven, grill and hob that have electronic ignition and flame failure device for safety and peace of mind. 

However, whilst all those things are of course important, there are some super important things to consider when thinking about purchasing a motorhome. They include practical things such as licence restrictions on weight. That's because If you passed your test after 1st Jan 1997, you are restricted to driving a motorhome that is 3500kg or less, unless you have taken an additional test to add the C1 category to your licence. Those who passed before this date automatically have the C1 entitlement and can drive a motorhome up to 7500kg.

ear not, because there are plenty of motorhomes under the 3500kg weight limit, including the beautiful Adamo we shared above (and others in the Adamo range), plus the Alliance Silver Edition and three motorhomes in the Autograph range too. If you want to know more about this, the Camping and Caravanning Club explains how licence restrictions work for motorhomes in their handy guide to driving motorhomes and the law

Another thing that is important to look at when picking your motorhome is the number of berths and how many travel seats there are. That's because, unlike a caravan where you might tow it with your car, you travel within your motorhome. So when looking to purchase, you need to ensure there are enough travel seats as well as bed spaces! For example, some motorhomes may say they are 4 berth, meaning they have four sleeping spaces, but they may only have 2 travel seats. This means that legally only two people could travel in the motorhome whilst it is moving, no good if you are a family of four. So, when purchasing it is crucial to look at both the berth and travel seats to ensure there will be enough space for anyone who may regularly be travelling in the motorhome

Fear not because when you buy with Bailey of Bristol you can buy with confidence. All of the information you need on each model can be found on their website when you are researching their motorhomes or caravans, so you can be sure you are finding the perfect solution for you and your family. Plus when you buy a Bailey of Bristol motorhome or caravan, you can know you are getting a strong, sturdy and long-lasting vehicle thanks to the Alu-Tech technology

Alu-Tech is an innovative construction system that is so advanced it has five new patents registered. All of them provide real and tangible benefits of ownership to their customers. Alu-Tech leisure vehicles have been through stringent testing including crash tests and cold chamber examinations to ensure they are both strong, offer superior performance as well as offering the highest classification of thermal insulation. 

If you have been thinking about a motorhome or caravan for your family but aren't sure which range would suit you, or you would like to know more about them, why not check them out virtually? Bailey of Bristol has a fantastic 360 Virtual Showroom which allows you to get a full, all-around look at their range from the comfort of your own home. You can do this by visiting the caravan Virtual Showroom, or the motorhome Virtual Showroom, and then you can Find A Retailer if you'd like to take a closer look as all Bailey caravans and motorhomes are sold through their network of Approved Bailey Retailers

There is also a fantastic news and events section on the Bailey of Bristol website where you can keep up with all the Bailey news including information on using their products for self-contained holidays, travel inspiration and product news. It is great for inspiration but be warned it might make you want to pack up your bags and go travelling right away! 

Have you ever considered purchasing a motorhome? If you did, where would be the first place you would love to visit? For us it would probably be the Lake District, it just looks so calm, relaxing, and beautiful, let me know where you would visit in the comments below. 


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