Thursday 15 April 2021

Could You Benefit from Renting or Buying a Storage Container?

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It is common to see businesses renting or buying storage containers for secured, off-site storage, but they can be quite useful for homeowners as well. Anyone looking to add secured space to their property without spending a small fortune in home renovations stands to benefit from renting or buying a storage container.

They can be used to store almost anything within an enclosed space, or you can even turn one into a home office. We will quickly go through a few common, domestic uses of storage units next to provide a better idea regarding how and when they can be useful in a residential setting.

Intermediate, Short-Term Storage

Homeowners will often use locally rented shipping containers as an intermediate, short-term storage option. They offer a place as good as any to securely store your luggage and furniture when moving to a new house. If you need to rent or buy a storage container anywhere near Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Berkshire, contact Jennings Container Sales and Storage for affordable rates. They are one of the few companies nearby that offer short-term rental options, starting at a minimum of 4-weeks. It’s just enough time to get settled in your new residence, but you can always upgrade the plan for long-term storage.

Long-Term Storage for Extra Stuff

“Stuff” refers to anything from old documents, books, and extra furniture to gardening supplies and off-season sports equipment. You do not have to spend excessively on a new, permanent storage/housing structure on the property because you can instead just buy an adequately sized storage container and be done with it.

Outdoor Home Office

Add a power supply to the unit with help from your local electrician first. Then bring in office furniture and the necessary electronics to turn your storage unit into an outdoor home office. Since metal can heat up very quickly, installing an air-conditioner might be necessary, but it depends on the area’s usual summertime weather conditions,

A Small Warehouse for Your Homebased Business

Multiple large metal containers are put together and turned into massive warehouses all the time by big retailers like Amazon and Tesco. If your own home-based business needs a small warehouse, metal containers are ideal options. Do note that additional installations for controlling indoor weather conditions might be necessary for a storage unit to adequately function like a warehouse.

Portable Garage

Storage units are made from actual shipping containers, which are used to safely transport cars among other things. Make sure that the container is large enough, and it can be easily turned into a weatherproof garage for your car(s). If there is spare room in it, the metal garage may also act as a nice tool shed.

These are just a few examples, but they should be sufficient to help you get an idea. In case you are confused regarding whether to buy or rent, the solution is rather simple. If you need it on your property for a significantly long time, it is going to be cheaper to buy than to rent. For short to medium-term use though, renting a storage container would be the better choice

Would you ever consider renting or buying a storage container and if so what would you use it for? 


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