Friday 23 October 2020

Want to work from home? 5 ways you could be making money online

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The real question here is… who doesn’t want to work from home? It means you can sleep in for a little bit longer, enjoy more time with your family and work from the comfort of your sofa. It offers much more flexibility for those who need it and can adapt to many changes such as house moves, having children or changes in lifestyle. Even if you already have a full-time job or are a stay-at-home parent, you can still make some extra money during your downtime – it’s a win, win situation if you are looking to make a little more money. 

Today, I’ve partnered up with Magento eCommerce agency within London UK to share some ideas of things you can do at home to earn some extra income. Ad Lab has been helping small to medium business owners grow their brand awareness and increase their sales online, so they have the expertise and knowledge of how to earn money from home. Here are some of their suggestions - 

Sell products online

Have you always dreamt of selling your homemade fudge to others? Or perhaps you’ve recently found a new passion for silversmithing and now are thinking of starting your own business? Entrepreneur and mum Suzanne Pattinsonstarted a handmade jewellery business and you can too!

Carolina from Ad Lab recommends setting up an online store to sell your handmade goods or any other products you are passionate about! Having an online shop for your products will feel like having a high street store that can reach customers worldwide – it’s the perfect way to sell your products to today’s customers.

As this article on Family Budgeting mentions, “It’s important to have a striking and user-friendly website to attract customers and generate sales.” Once you’ve created a lovely-looking website that works, there are various ways you can drive traffic to generate sales.


Ad Lab recommends using Google Ads to increase traffic. If you’re not sure how to use Google Ads, Google’s Academy for Ads will have all the information you will need – Ad Lab became a Google Partner after they’ve completed the Google Ads courses.

Drive more traffic to your online store by sharing your products on social media or by talking about your products on websites and podcasts, Ad Lab was on this podcast, and this drove a lot of traffic to our website.


Do you have any online skills that might be helpful for companies or individuals who simply don’t have time to do them themselves? This includes copywriting, design, social media management and much more. Promote your services on websites such as Fiverr, People Per Hour and Upwork, and start earning some money doing things you enjoy!

You could also try reaching out to companies including local companies or places/businesses that you have a skillset for. Tell them what you can offer and see if they are looking for help, there are lots of companies that outsource work for people to look after things like their social media pages and/or emails. 

Get your blogger hat on

Do you enjoy reading blogs and would like to try it yourself or feel like you’d like an outlet to share some of your thoughts? Get blogging. Anyone can start a blog and talk about their favourite topics plus, once you’ve got a bit of a following, you can start earning some money from your blog!  Boo Roo and Tiger Too mentions how affiliate marketing and display ads are the easiest ways to make a passive income from your blog.

Whilst blogging isn't a "get rich quick" idea it can provide lots of benefits such as great friendships and your own space to talk about any issues you want to raise. When I first started my blog it was almost like an online diary but over time it has developed into a job which I am forever grateful for. It may be stressful at times but it is also very rewarding too. 

Have you tried any of these ways of making money from home? Or is working from home something you would consider in the future? 


**This is a collaborative post.**


  1. I have bene working from home for a number of years now, mostly on the blogging side and I love the freedom! However it can mean you work more hours than you would if you were office based, but there are many more advantages to working from home than disadvantages! Fab post!X Sim

  2. I think most people would say they want to work from home, there are some great ideas here, I love blogging and the blogging community

  3. I work from home blogging which is my full-time business. I would hate to commute now. It's great being a freelancer but it isn't as secure as being employed

  4. I loved the extra time I had at home without travelling to work during lockdown.

    I’d love to make a full time wage from my blog, I’m just starting to make a bit now so maybe in a few years x

  5. These are all great ideas! So many people are trying to get creative nowadays and there are so many options out there for working from home!

  6. Due to the lockdown I already left the office and still work from home at the moment. I really love working from home and I released I am much more productive and have less stress.

  7. I have been blogging for more than 12 years now. My earliest posts were for myself and weren't even paragraphs!

  8. I've been working from home for years now. I turned my blog into a business. It's fun and workable around the kids.

  9. I freelance and blog and it is a great way of making an income working from home. My virtual assistance services bring in the majority of my income although freelance writing is slowly creeping up too.

  10. I've tried to make some extra money online outside of blogging by doing market research and surveys x

  11. I think there are many benefits to working from home, I know I like working from home and it suits our circumstances . Great list of ideas of how to.