Sunday 25 October 2020

Dance Along with the Pets Alive Family from ZURU!

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If you are looking for a toy that is guaranteed to bring lots of laughter, some funky dance moves and hours of entertainment for the kids, then look no further than the range of adorable pets and animals from the Pets Alive range from ZURU! 

The fun range of super cute animals are brightly coloured, soft to cuddle and with a few hidden extras that are sure to have everyone falling in love with them. From Frankie the funky flamingo to Fifi the flossing sloth and even a booty shakin' llama, as well as whole host of other animals in the range, you are sure to find a pet to fall in love with. 

The Pets alive range is known for being great at bringing toy pets to live through movement, sound and being interactive and these toys are no different to that. They each have their own musical beats that are activated at the touch of a button and will see you wanting to jump out of your seat and onto your feet. But that is not all, as well as playing several different tunes, they also dance, floss and shake their booties too! The kids have laughed so hard trying out the different pets below, all of which are available at Smyths toys. 

Fifi the Flossing Sloth 

Fifi the purple sloth loves to floss, in fact Fifi is a bit of a pro at the floss! Fifi the flossing sloth has three different fun songs and as each one plays Fifi will mimic one of the most iconic dances moves recently... the floss. Her wiggle bottom, adorably large blinking eyes and funky dance moves will be sure to have everyone up on their feet giving the floss a try. 

Fifi had both James and Evelyn in fits of laughter as they tried to keep up and copy her dance moves. As mentioned above Fifi has three different songs with each one lasting between 15 and 20 seconds, plenty of time to bust out some funky moves. Fifi the flossing sloth requires4 x AA batteries which are included so she is ready to go as soon as she is out of the box. 

Boppi & Bonnie the Booty Shakin' Llama's

Boppi and Bonnie are the coolest Llama's around and they will have everyone in fits of giggles with their booty shakin' antics. Boppi is white in colour with a funky pink and blue tuft of hair on its head and Bonnie is a beautiful shade of pastel rainbow colours with a matching tuft of hair. Both have super cute facial features including large eyes and a cheeky grin.  

Each Llama plays three different songs with some awesome dance moves including 360 spins, head spins and of course some hilarious booty shakin' too. Check out our Instagram page to see some funny videos of the booty shakin' dance moves! 

Frankie the Funky Flamingo 

Frankie the flamingo is the funkiest flamingo in the whole flock! With her luminous pink fluff and her glittering pink legs she certainly looks ready for a party and to bust a few funky moves. Frankie twirls her neck, flaps her vibrant rainbow wings and dances along to three different songs that Frankie plays. But that isn't all, Frankie comes with a secret surprise egg which contains a surprise baby flamingo! 

There are two baby flamingos to collect, each with a very funky hair style, but who will you find? You won't know until you crack open the egg. Frankie the flamingos upbeat, energetic music and neck twirling moves will make you howl with laughter and will sure to have you up dancing along too.

ZURU also have some great items to consider as fun stocking fillers too, such as these super fun 5 surprise balls! Each ball contains 5 different surprises such as squishies, stampers, bracelets, stickers and much more too. At just £2.99 each they are great stocking fillers, secret santa or even pocket money gifts and kids will love opening up all the different compartments to discover what is inside.

Do you own any of the Pets Alive pets from ZURU? I would love to know which ones your kids own or which one above you think would be their favourites? Let me know in the comments below. 


**We received the products shown above for the purpose of this review. However all word, opinions and images are my own.**


  1. Olivia has one of the llamas and she absolutely adores it! The Pets Alive range from Zuru is wonderful and I'm going to be picking up a few more of the range for Olivia too.

  2. Ohhh I love the llama and the flamingo! They're so sweet.