Friday 23 October 2020

Why We Must All Use Hand Sanitizer This Winter

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The temperature is dropping, the days are getting darker and we’re wearing many layers of clothes, which can only mean one thing - winter is coming. With winter comes lovely hot chocolate, Sunday afternoons watching our favourite films while listening to the sound of the rain and snuggly chunky knit jumpers and scarves. However it also signals the start of some other, not-so-lovely things such as colds and flu.

Oh… the terrible sniffles and coughs that follow us through to spring, probably the worse things about winter. However, there are ways of making you and your loves ones less likely to get ill this winter. This includes taking multivitamins, wrapping up warm and also by using hand sanitiser!

Hand sanitiser has been my best friend in the fight against germs, bacteria and viruses for as long as I can remember and even more so in recent months. I’ve always had little bottles of hand sanitiser in my bag, at my desk and even in my car’s glove compartment – anywhere I thought they would be handy, and they are!

I have found that one of the best hand sanitizer is from Ocean Free, who are a leading hand sanitiser manufacturer from the UK. They have a variety of types and sizes of hand sanitiser for any and all purposes, from liquid hand sanitizer to hand sanitising gel available in 60ml bottles up to 5-litre bottles, a size for every need whether it is for a business or personal use. Plus, their hand sanitizer leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed whilst keeping you safe! 


As this article on Fashion Mommy mentions, “Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is designed to kill germs and bacteria on your hands that you might have gotten after touching a surface or object. If you are in a public space remember to use hand sanitizer after touching door handles, handrails or even light switches – these surfaces are germ hotspots!” This is why is can be such a great idea to have multiple bottles around such as in your bag, at your desk, in the cat etc so you can be sure you are using it regularly and when needed. 

Of course life would be easier if we didn’t have to touch these herm hotspots, but it’s not always possible and we never know where germs or bugs could be lurking anyway. The main thing to remember is to try and not touch your face after touching these surfaces and/or objects that might have germs and bacteria. Instead, use hand sanitiser straight away and then, you can scratch your nose to get rid of that awful itch.

When choosing the best hand sanitizer for you, remember to choose one with at least 60% alcohol, because, as the CDC mentions, “sanitizers with an alcohol concentration between 60–95% are more effective at killing germs than those with a lower alcohol concentration”. Ocean Free’s hand sanitizer has either 70% or 80% alcohol, the perfect choice to kill all of those germs, viruses and bacteria.

If you’re going to take away something from this article, let it be that hand sanitizer is only effective when used properly. Use hand sanitiser all over your hands, making sure to get it on the palm of the hands, on the back of the hands, in between fingers, on fingernails, wrists, thumbs, and let it dry! Once you’ve done all of the above, you’re good to continue with your day. 

Will you be using hand sanitizer to keep you and your family safe this Winter? 


**This is a collaborative post.**

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