Thursday 9 January 2020

Fun for the Whole Family at AirHop Bristol

I'm always looking for new and fun ways to help the kids burn off some off the endless energy they always seem to have! So with Christmas day been and gone and that awkward week between Christmas and New Year to face, (you know the week where nobody knows what day of the week it is) we were desperately in need of somewhere to get us all out for a bit. 

A quick Google discovered we actually have a huge Airhop trampoline park right on our doorstep and the kids were so excited to go and try it out! 

Airhop Bristol is a huge trampoline park where kids and grown ups can bounce, jump, flip and race to their hearts content. The park consists of a huge main court which contains over 135 interlocking trampolines which sprawl across the floors and even up the walls! 

But that's not all. The park also boasts an exhilarating obstacle course where you can challenge your friends to a timed race through the course or see if you can beat your own time. Then there is the wipeout zone where you can challenge 6 of your friends to the ultimate wipeout challenge. Can you jump and duck under the huge spinning arm without falling off your platform?

If you fancy showing off some of your skills then there is the foam pit where you can run, jump, spin and flip into a humongous foam pit. They even have an area where you can record your bounce and flips and upload them too!

Or how about challenging your friends to the ultimate dual on the battle beams or a race against time on the timed obstacle course? The obstacle course was a particularly big hit with both James and Evelyn who loved racing each other and other kids visiting AirHop.

The course consists of a range of soft obstacles which you need to crawl, climb and slide over, under and around in the fastest time. The course finished with a tube slide where you slide down and try to press the time button at the end of the course in the fastest time. There are screens above each button which reveal your time, so if you are alone you can race against your own time instead.

Of course I couldn't mention AirHop without taking about ALL the trampolines! There over 135 interlocking individual trampolines at AirHop Bristol and that's just the main court area. These sprawl across the floors and even up the walls, creating the ultimate area to bounce.

Throughout the main court there are raised areas that you can jump from for extra bounce and even some really long trampoline areas where you can practice your flips and tumbles if you wish too. The trampolines that are there for tumbling are a bright pink colour whist the rest of the trampolines are grey, meaning if you aren't quite ready for that yet or you want to avoid those areas you can just stay away from the pink long trampolines.

And if all that wasn't enough to keep you bouncing there is also a dodgeball area, AR Trampolines where you can combine bouncing with augmented reality and even a slam dunk area where you can practice your basketball skills with a little extra bounce under your feet!

When you are feeling all bounced out or your session comes to an end, if your feeling peckish or in need of a drink you can always pop into the AirHop café. We didn't visit on this occasion as we were actually going out for a family meal afterwards. However the café seems really popular with a great view over the whole trampoline park, the perfect viewing area if your kids are bouncing and you just want to spectate too!

The café serves a range of hot and cold food as well as cakes and snacks. There are also hot and cold beverages available as well as ice cold slushies to cool you down after an hour or two of bouncing (or battling!).

We had an amazing time and can't believe we waited so long to visit. The park is great fun for all ages and there is so much to do you once inside you might struggle to squeeze it all into your hour long sessions (fear not though as you can book a two hour session at a slightly reduced price too!). The kids didn't stop smiling the whole time and definitely slept well that night too. They are already asking when we are going back and I am pretty sure my husband is already plotting his wipe out strategy!

A one hour session at AirHop Bristol is priced at £12 per person (or £11 per person if booked online in advance). You will also need to purchase special AirHop socks which are £2 per pair. However you only need to purchase these once and then they are yours too keep so you wear time and time again.

We are already planning our return visit and James has asked if he can have his birthday party there this year so it was a huge hit for us, have you ever been to an AirHop trampoline park?



  1. Now this is a load of fun, I know so many people who have been to places similar to this and enjoy the fun and exercise!

  2. I remember going to a similar park when I was a child. I absolutely loved it and it looks like your kids did, too

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun! My children would love this (so would I!), I'll have to see if there is one locally for us to try out

  4. This looks like a great trampoline park and lots of fun. My kids love a bounce and would be in trampoline heaven here.

  5. My kids would love it here! We have a trampoline park local to us that the kids love, and it's a great way of letting them burn off some energy.

  6. This looks like so much fun. They're brilliant for kids birthday parties aswell, makes a welcome change to the standard soft plays.

  7. Shall add this place to the list when we next go and visit Kian at university, gutted we dont have a trampoline park near us

  8. This looks like su h am amazing trampoline Park! We still haven't taken Luke to one of these but the ones near us don't look anywhere near as amazing as this one does!

  9. Wow! This looks like such an amazing trampoline park, seriously wish I lived closer to Bristol. This has definitely inspired me to see if there is one local to where I live.