Thursday 9 January 2020

Stylish Kids Fashion from Kimi Dog.


She may only be 5 but when it comes to knowing what she wants, Evelyn has that handled! That is especially true when it comes to her clothes and she loves picking her own clothes on a weekend when she doesn't have to wear her school uniform, especially if its an occasion where she can wear a pretty dress! I am always on the look out for new brands, stores and designs so when I recently heard about Kimi Dog, I just had to check it out!

When it comes to clothes shopping I try to let both James and Evelyn have as much say as possible when it comes to choosing their own clothes. When buying their clothes I use a mixture of both online shopping and high-street stores, but online in certainly much easier, especially with a 5 year old in tow.

Kimi Dog is wholesale children's clothing company who are based in China but sell their clothes world wide. With their own design team, Kimi Dog are passionate about designing and creating a fantastic range of children's clothing that have a mix of traditional designs as well as the latest styles and fashion trends.

There is a whole range of clothing on the Kimi Dog website for both boys and girls. From coats and jackets to beautiful dresses and even leggings. The sizes start at age 1-2 years and go up to 5-6 years with a handy height size guide next to each size so you can ensure you are ordering the correct size for your child's height.

Many of the styles and designs I saw on the Kimi Dog website were really unique and cute, especially the girls dresses which I know Evelyn would absolutely love. There were so many different dress shapes, lengths and designs and this was the same for all these clothing items. There is definitely something to suit almost every taste and style on there which is great to find.

One thing I especially loved is all the colour and fun prints that are used in the Kimi Dog designs. There are fun, bright and perfect for young kids. I thought the dog print on the shirt above was particularly cute.

I was a little bit disappointed to see that Kimi Dog only go up to age 5-6 years as Evelyn is currently in 5-6 years so will soon be too big for all of their beautiful pieces. However I will definitely be keeping an eye out for larger sizes in the future as the clothes are definitely styles that my children would wear. 

If you are looking for clothing for your child that is quirky, fun and cute I would highly recommend checking out Kimi Dog clothing and their huge range of styles. It is worth noting that as the company is based in China delivery can take a little longer so if you are ordering for a holiday or special occasion, order with plenty of time.

You can browse the full range of clothing available over on the Kimi Dog website.

Do you prefer the traditional style clothing or the latest trends for your children?



  1. These are adorable, I do love something different, hate it when Lily ends up with clothing from the same store that all the other kids have. Though she always seems excited by the prospect that her friend has the same t-shirt. Would love some of this type of clothing for Lily.

  2. Oh my these are so cute! I love the dog faced shirt - I think I might even wear it if it was in adult sizes whoops!

  3. How cute are these, I love them all I wish they had been around when my children were younger as I would have had to buy these

  4. Oh these are so sweet. My youngest is 8 now though (agh) so I wish they went up a bit bigger. Good for presents for friend's little ones though.

  5. These are some adorable outfits! I prefer to mix it up between traditional or latest trends when it comes to our kids.

  6. These are absolutely lovely. A far cry from the handmade clothes I had as a child!

    It’s a shame they won’t fit any of mine now. I have a very tall 9 year old in age 13 so no hope!

  7. They indeed have different type of clothes for children than the ones you will find on the market. I like that they use cute and adorable patterns too.

  8. Oh wow, what lovely clothing! I like a mix if I am being honest, both kids have some traditional stuff but also have some of the latest trends.

  9. How cute are these! If I had little ones I'd definitely get some pieces :) I shall share with my friends who do have little ones!

  10. There are some lovely clothes here , and i like the quirky nice of clothes, people shouldnt be boring and not be afraid to have a bit of fun with there clothes, even kiddies one, especially those TBH.

  11. I love the design of Kimi Dog which is eye catching and attractive. I am sure my little niece would love that dress as she is 3 years old.

  12. Awww, she sounds exactly like my nephew, god help us as he knows exactly what he wants to wear, what he likes and what he doesn't.