Wednesday 8 January 2020

Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring For Your Family Home?

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When you become a parent there a few things you quickly learn, one of those things is that babies, soft furnishings and plush carpets simply do not mix! Oh and white, never ever buy anything white ever again!

In fact unless you wish to spent the first few years of parenthood washing sofa cushions, scrubbing carpet floors and investing in shares for stain remover, its best to think wisely about the choices you make for your home, before baby arrives. 

Whilst we went for easy to clean sofa's one thing I wish we would have been able to change is the flooring we have. As we currently rent is isn't as easy as just changing our flooring, however having solid wood flooring when the kids were younger would have certainly made things a little easier to clean and maintain that's for sure. 

There are many different types of easy to clean and maintain flooring from laminate/vinyl, stone, tile and of course one of the post popular options, wooden flooring. But did you know there are several different types of wood flooring? One of the most popular and long lasting options though is solid wood flooring, but do you know why? Well here are 5 reasons why solid wood flooring makes a great choice for your home...

Made from real wood
As the name would suggest, each plank of solid wood flooring is made from a solid piece of wood. The wood is extracted from the trunk of the tree and then cut and shaped into planks. This means that you can choose different types of wood and tree to obtain different looks and colours for your flooring depending on the type of wood you choose.

Super strong
Since solid wood flooring is made from a solid piece of wood this makes the flooring very strong and sturdy. To ensure the flooring stays in place it does need to be either glued or nailed to a subflooring, but once the floor is in place it isn't going anywhere!

It can be sanded time and time again
Unlike laminate flooring or similar, solid wood flooring can be sanded down time and time again quite a few times thanks to the thickness of the planks used in solid wood flooring. This means than when your floor starts looking tired or you want to freshen it up you can sand it back and have it looking as good as new!

Holds it's value
Whilst solid wood floors may seem like a big investment initially, if you are planning on selling your home in the future the great thing is solid wood flooring really does hold its value and can even help sell your home. Many people love the stylish look of a solid wood floor not to mention the durability of it, meaning no outlay on new carpets etc for any new buyer.

Solid wood flooring also eliminates most of the issues for people who suffer with allergies or asthma as carpet can hold debris and dust etc within it.

Easy to clean and care for
As I mentioned above, when it comes to thinking about flooring and furnishings for your home when you have a baby its all about practicality, as well as what you like too of course. Solid wood floors and super easy to keep clean and can be swept and mopped quickly and easily daily. They are also really easy to clean up small messes and spills too without leaving and pesky stains or marks.

If you are worried about a solid wood flooring being cold or uncomfortable for little ones you could always invest in a nice rug that could be placed on the floor for little ones to use. Rugs are much easier to shake outside or clean/replace over a whole carpet! 

Would you consider, or do you have already, solid wood flooring in your home? 


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  1. I love solid wood flooring, it adds something extra to a room and is easy to keep clean I am looking at getting it when we finally get around to building our extention

  2. We have just changed our floor and put solid wood down, it's lovely but scratches easily.

  3. I would love to have solid wood flooring it always looks so beautiful and of course it is quite a hardy material to use in well trodden areas.

  4. If we owned our house, we'd definitely rip up the carpet and get solid wood flooring - I much prefer it as carpet is just not great with kids and pets.

  5. We'd love to replace the carpet in our hallway with wooden flooring. A high traffic area that I feel as though I'm always vacuuming to ensure it looks clean and tidy.

  6. We had wood in our last house . We prefer carpet for the warmth but was definitely a bonus for weaning and messy toddlers . So easy to clean up :)