Friday 14 February 2020

Top Tips and Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning Easy.

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Despite the stormy weather over the last week or so, this morning on the school run me and the kids spotted some beautiful signs that spring might just be on its way! A stunning burst of colour from daffodils and snow drops peeking through the grass put a smile on all of our faces and definitely got us in the mood for springtime! 

Around this time, like many other people too, my mind turns to getting the house sorted after all the Christmas madness and the big spring clean ensues. Whilst some people like to seek out the professional services and help of a cleaning company such as SMC Premier who can offer a range of services to help. Hiring a cleaning company is perfect for those who may be short of time or just want a bit of help with the cleaning tasks. However I always find it satisfying doing it myself and seeing it all come together. 

Before I start I always make a list, it helps me think of all the jobs I want to complete and lets face it, there is just something super satisfying about being about to tick the jobs off the list as you complete them! A list also means I can prioritise which jobs to get done, what I need to buy to get the jobs done and of course it helps me remember everything that needs to be done.

I tend to work from room to room unless its something like cleaning the windows or cleaning the carpet as I try to do these in one go for the whole house. I always start every room with a declutter too! It just makes cleaning so much easier once you have gotten rid of everything you no longer want. It also means you know where you stand when you are finding a place for everything in the room. 

When decluttering sometimes you have to be a little ruthless. If you haven't used it in several months or forgot you even had it, do you really need to keep it? 

When it comes to choosing the right cleaning products there are plenty to choose from, but which ones work? Well really that will depend on the job in hand and really just trial and error! However the lovely Emma who blogs at emmareed.net, has created this fab image which shows you how you can make your own surface cleaner which not only works wonders on most surfaces but is also much more eco friendly too. 

Emma also has a range of other great images which share with you have to create your own limescale remover and even window cleaner on her blog emmareed.net too which are free to use! 

(Picture credit to Emma Reed

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming so if you have lots of jobs on your list remember to break it down and complete it a bit at a time. If you live with family and/or friends definitely don't be afraid to delegate jobs either so everyone pitches in.

I have been asking some fellow bloggers for their top tips and tricks when tackling their spring cleaning and here is what they said...

Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too
Place newspaper on top of your kitchen cupboards to capture the grease in the air etc. Change every other month and will save you scrubbing them clean.

Caryl Ann from Crazy Tots and Me Cooled down black tea in a spray bottle for your windows, glassware and gloss cabinets. The sparkle is like nothing you've ever seen before.

Victoria from Healthy VixTo stay clutter free, keep a bag or box in a cupboard that is for charity. Everytime something is outgrown or not needed anymore, add it to the box/bag. Once it's full, take it to the charity shop and start a new bag/box. Most charity shops sell unsellable clothes to the rag trade, so rather than adding ruined fabrics to landfill waste, check with your local charity shop first as they might be more than happy to take a bag of rags from you. 

Jennifer from Rice cakes and Raisins Open the windows in all the rooms, for an hour. It's amazing how much fresher the house feels afterwards. It can get rid of stale odours too.

Alex from Actual AR - Stick to a three-box rule and try to do one room at a time. If you can't keep it within three boxes, you've got too much of it! This works especially well for things like jewellery, make-up and accessories

Hopefully these tips have helped you and given you a bit of inspiration and advice for when you decide to tackle the bring spring clean! Do you have any top tips or tricks to share? I would love to hear them in the comments below!


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  1. This is a great post. Love all the blogger tips. I’ve woken up today with the need to clean! I’ve done so much but damn work means I’ve had to stop.

    I love a good spring clean. I’ll be using some of these tips for sure x

  2. These are great tips! I often mix vinegar with baking soda for a powerful cleaner, especially for the bathroom surfaces. The water is very hard in my area and the only thing that would get rid of limescale is this mixture.

  3. I love when I get that determined thought and spring clean the house I have too much going on at the moment but have earmarked a couple of weeks to do mine x