Wednesday 1 April 2020

Embracing A New Normal

Tonight as I tucked the kids into bed, I hugged them a little longer. I kissed their cheeks a few extra times today and told them I love them more times than I can count. It's not that I don't do these things everyday anyway but right now, as we adjust to a new normal it seems more important than ever before.

Nothing about this situation is normal, in fact far from it! But right now, this is an obscure and uneasy temporary normal that we all must adjust to.

As the world goes into lockdown the everything feels uncertain, unknown and we hear heart-breaking breaking news stories that fill our tv screens, social media accounts and mobile phones. Staggering and devastating totals of deaths of lives ripped apart as the world struggles to come to terms with what is happening and the rate it is happening too.

But as we all learn to adjust I think its important we try to see the positives through the sea of sadness and worry. To understand that it is perfectly normal to feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and out of sorts. But to try and remember that there are also some moments that are good about every day too. And by looking for these we can help ourselves to lift our own spirits and embrace this crazy time that is our temporary normal because if we don't we will suffer mentally.

For me I'm enjoying spending time with the kids, yes they are driving me up the wall. They bicker and argue and protest against any form of "work" that I suggest. BUT before all this I used to moan about the school run, about standing around in the play ground waiting for my son to decide he was ready to wander out with his mates 20 minutes after the bell. I used to wish we would have more time together, as a family with no plans just time. Now I have that and yes its not in the most ideal of situations but we have time and each other and I am embracing that.

Another positive that has come out of this situation is the kindness of others, to themselves, to their family and friends and amazingly to complete strangers! People have rallied around to send out notes to so many streets in our area. Offering help to collect groceries, prescriptions and other items for people who are vulnerable or self isolating. Children are finding new ways to communicate with their friends over video calls, emails and through waves through windows on a daily walk. And we as parents get to witness their smiles, their silly conversations and their excitement at seeing each other, something which would previously have been hidden behind school walls.

Plus if you look between all scary news, there are little snippets of positivity, of the earth and nature repairing itself! I saw an article about sea turtles laying millions of eggs this year because the beaches are uninterrupted. I read about scientists who think the ozone layer may be starting to repair itself. I have seen videos and images on animals thriving and roaming and I think we can all agree that the air feels that bit less clogged and a little bit fresher with less traffic on the road and planes in the air.

Yes of course we cannot forget that for some this pandemic is a nightmare. For some they have lost loved ones and that pain can never be taken away or brushed over and to those people I am truly sorry.

For others the world hasn't slowed down at all because for keyworkers such as supermarket workers, NHS staff, transport staff and many, many more they are worker harder now than ever before. But please if you can, take positive in the fact that you are saving our country right now, right this moment. Every hour that goes by you are saving lives and as a country we are forever grateful, forever applauding and forever in awe of how awesome you all are.

As a family we are taking one day at a time, our lives have slowed down, we are appreciating the small things, the family time and most of all feeling grateful for each other right now. Don't get me wrong there have been many tears and tantrums (mostly mine!) but that's ok. In fact I know there will be more and again that's ok.

This new normal is new to us all. It takes time and patience to adjust and when the world is constantly changing, new news hitting our headlines and sadness everywhere it can be hard to find a new rhythm and pace to suit you all. But the important thing is that we try, that we take time to be kind, both to others and ourselves.

Remember every day that passes it another step closer to normality. One step at a time, one day at a time. This isn't forever but whilst it is happening, embrace your new normal, be kind and remember we are all winging it, you are not alone! Before we know it we will be back at work longing for the weekend to arrive, sunning ourselves on beautiful beaches with the sun on our skin and washing mounds of school uniform again.

But for now please stay safe, stay home, protect the NHS and save lives!



  1. I am like you gtiving my daughter an extra hug and telling her I love her, spending that bit extra time talking about memories, I am also talking to the boys more making sure they are safe and well. There are positive stories coming through the bad news that is the main topic which is always lovely to hear

  2. I am trying to focus on the snippets of positivity otherwise it would be far too easy to get bogged down in all the negativity. I can't wait for this all to be over but until then will embrace the new normal.

  3. I love the positivity in this post. It is a very difficult time but one that will save lives. We have to use this oppourtunity in the best way possible. Almost a re-boot for the soul as well as the planet.

    Thank you for sharing, definitely food for thought.

    Claire x


  4. For us humans our world has changed completely yet mother nature is taking this opportunity to mend herself. I think something like this has been a long time coming, we are destroying our planet and hurting each other. Something had to change. I just hope once this is over, we will be more mindful of each other and our planet.

  5. This is a lovely post. I too love the notion that the earth is healing itself while we humans are stuck at home, giving off less pollution. I hope you get some time to enjoy your children over Easter x

  6. Oh bless you all! It such a hard thing at the moment isn't it? It is incredible how some people are just taking it in their stride and having fun and trying new things.

  7. I love that the earth is starting to repair itself, I just hope that as a human race will let it continue to heal and not pick up where we left off

  8. I read that in Italy there are now fish in the waterways where they used to have all the motorised boats. It's a positive from a negative. I'm struggling to walk the kids daily with home schooling and working from home. I think well all be happy when the schools open again lol. Stay safe x

  9. I like that thinking - every passing day is one closer to normality. It’s so scary to think what life is going to look like. I hope the F&B industry is just how we left it

  10. In a way, what we are experiencing has made me slow down and think about what matters the most and the fact that we need very little to survive and that there are so many good people out there

  11. This post has made me feel a lot better, especially the bit about the environment. This crisis just shows we can save our planet if we really want to

  12. Love your positive post, its definitely a difficult time for all of us but there are definitely positives from this and I just love hearing that the animals are roaming around freely now that we are in lockdown.